Heroes Search for Earth

When I saw the final moments of this week’s episode of Heroes the first thing that went through my head was “All of this has happened before and will happen again.”   If you’re not a big BSG fan you probably won’t catch that reference but it’s pretty much the motto of the cylons from the very beginning.  It got me to drawing some parallels and there are a few more than you’d think though I’m really hoping they go another direction with this.

My guesstamate for this week’s discovery is that we’re finding a previous generation of people with powers.  A previous Government revolt against said people and how it turned out.  Meaning lots died and a few escaped, just enough to make new ones.  Sounding familiar yet?


There are 12 models. (well ish) and there are 12 founders of The Company.  There’s a final five and I’d hazard to say that there are 5 (okay maybe 6) integral people that we’ve seen make up the real movers and shakers of the 12.  The two Patrelli’s, Linderman, Kaito Nakamura and I’m going to say the 5th is Maury Parkman just due to his powers.  Bob Bishop and Charles Deveaux are kinda like the Cavil and the Simon of the group.

I suppose you could take any story of the other and relate it to each other but I see a few here and it wouldn’t be the first time we saw a Heroes storyline somewhere else first.  I’m sure they’ll surprise me with something totally different next week.  I look forward to it.  As much as I’ve enjoyed the episodes lately, they’ve felt like the plateau before the storm.



~ by doublebitch on April 6, 2009.

5 Responses to “Heroes Search for Earth”

  1. I don’t watch BSG but I’m thinking you’re right. Although if Angela knows what happened when the government descended on people with powers, why did she encourage Nathan in his endeavor this time around? For a future seer, she sure makes some big errors in judgment!

  2. I think that’s her Petrilli side

  3. The Nikki/Jessica’s were created by humans.

    But they rebelled.

    There are many copies.

    Some think they are human.

    And they have a plan.

    But the writers sure don’t.

  4. Alternate Ending:

    And they have a plan: to make sex videos with Nathan Petrelli

  5. Nathan’s not Cap’n Planet, he’s Baltar! I kinda love that.

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