Jerk's 'Things I Was Not Expecting' #1

I’ve fallen a few weeks behind on my Sarah Connor Chronicles, and I’ve been catching up tonight. Now, normally I don’t like to just post anything that strikes me, I like to wait until I feel I have enough meat for a good solid post. But there was a scene in SCC 2×19 that was so striking, so weird and hilarious and completely unexpected that I just had to screencap it and share it with you:terminator-miniature-paintingI’m still saddened that they killed off Cromartie to begin with due to his standing as the Best Terminator Ever, but at least they kept Garret Dillahunt around. And painting some D&D miniatures, no less! And I thought it was cool when they had him playing with Bionicle and rifling off the backstory. Who knew that when SkyNet was a kid, it was a huge nerd?



~ by Jerk on April 6, 2009.

3 Responses to “Jerk's 'Things I Was Not Expecting' #1”

  1. as cool as that it, it’s sad that “things i was not expecting” is just getting a #1 now.

  2. True, this would have made for a good post series a while ago. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll find more things soon.

  3. Just watched SCC 2×21 and I could make another, much less comedic one of these. Holy. Shit. That just came out of nowhere.

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