SPN Then and Now

spn-elevatorSince the show began, Supernatural has had certain molds that each episode would fall into. There were the episodes that were big on plot, moving the season’s arc forward and giving us all sorts of juicy ‘verse details. There were the comedy eps that let Jensen and Jared show off their wonderful comic timing. Of course each episode has a bit of each, but it was pretty obvious which category was prevalent. Tall Tales was a comedy ep. Jus in Bello was a plot ep. And yes, I know there are episodes that are neither plotness or comedy like Heart but in general my point is valid so shush.

With the last few episodes, it’s become apparent that this format has been broken. The last two episodes (It’s a Terrible Life and The Monster at the End of This Book) can’t be said to be more comedy than plot or vice versa. Both were really funny episodes, some of the funniest of season four. It’s a Terrible Life also had some major plotness go down when Castiel’s boss showed up and told Dean straight up to stop being mopey and sad about Hell. The Monster at the End of This Book had some really, really big revelations about the angel/demon war, they boy’s role in it and Lilith’s fate, to say nothing of that huge tease of a scene at the end.

spn-slashSo, what does this change mean? My best guess is that it’s a necessary change due to the direction the season’s plot is headed more than a deliberate change to the show’s formula. Let’s face it, if you’re going to be making big revelations in a show that deals with the fate of humanity and kills off pretty much every character (especially the leads), chances are good that it’ll be a somber affair. But with this season some of the required story beats just provided too good of an opportunity for hilarity to pass up. Kripke isn’t the type to think you need to be serious to be meaningful, so when it’s fitting to both advance the plot and bring the funny he goes for it.

Alternately, Kripke could be giving us a bunch of funny episodes in a row to offset the fact that things are going to get very, very, very bad to end the season.



~ by Jerk on April 7, 2009.

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