Terminator Theory

I’ve got some theories I’ve developed over the course of the second season of SCC, but because my friends who are watching the show are not caught up, I’m going to share them here, more to get them out before any possible revelations in the season finale more than from any hopes of massive bloggy talkness. I’ll start with some of the facts we know.

scc-01First of all, it’s been shown that as the fight against SkyNet has progressed, while Judgement Day hasn’t been stopped things have changed. People who’ve come back at different points have come from slightly different futures, as evidenced by the Derek and Jesse. Next, we know that in the future John Connor is doing more than just reprogramming captured T-888’s, because we saw him attempting to get a T-1000 to switch sides of its own free will. We’ve also seen that there are humans who work for SkyNet like Charlie Fischer. We also know that there are two advanced AI systems, both of which are descended from the original Miles Dyson SkyNet programming from T2. John Henry comes from Andy Goode’s work, the other we don’t know anything about yet. We’ve also seen multiple factions in 2009 with Terminators on their side.

scc-02So, here’s my theory: in the future, John Connor has been doing two things to try and win the war. First, as Terminators have become more advanced, they’ve become capable of making their own decisions instead of being merely controlled by SkyNet. John’s been recruiting some of these Terminators to his side of the war, and in turn SkyNet has been recruiting humans. It’s no longer a war of Man versus Machine, but John Connor versus SkyNet. Now for the big part of my theory!

John Henry is John Connor’s plan. Catherine Weaver is a T-1000 fighting on Connor’s side, sent back in time to create John Henry, who is SkyNet with a conscience. John has realized that no matter what they do, no matter how much Terminator tech or AI they destroy, SkyNet is still born, and Judgement Day still takes place. So the best way to prevent Judgementscc-03 Day and win the war is to make a SkyNet who’s on your side to begin with. Future SkyNet has responded by attempting to build itself first, basically entering into a time travelling AI arms race with John. These evil Culligan men, the heating and air conditioning plant that built the prototype HK-Aerial, and John Henry’s ‘brother’ are all part of Future SkyNet’s plan, trying to either stop or corrupt John Henry.

What I find really interesting is that Connor is using a T-1000, while all the Culligan men and plant workers were human, up until last week’s episode. And the guy who tried to take out Cameron seemed to be talking to John Henry’s brother on the phone, which indicates that he’s using an avatar just like JH is with Cromartie. This seems to indicate that SkyNet has employed modern, non-time travelling people who are aware, at least partially, of who/what they’re working for. Such an elaborate and interesting world SCC has, far better than what we got with T3.

Please let this show get a third season.



~ by Jerk on April 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “Terminator Theory”

  1. I think John Connor of the future is dead. I think a part of John Connor is inside John Henry, which is the real John Connor of the future. Camerin knows this and was willing to give up her chip to John Henry because she knows the truth that John Henry is John Connor of the future.

    I remember the scene from a episode where Jesse wanted to speak to John Connor but was declined. I believe that the resistance believes John Connor is Human but infact he is dead and another super duper AI like John Henry is now the resistance’s only hope to fight skynet.

  2. I think the season finale kind of altered stuff quite a bit, I’ll be doing another post based on it at some point.

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