Will Law & Order UK age to perfection?

freema-agyemanI just spent the night catching up with Law & Order UK and six episodes in they have a solid series on their hands, not that that was ever in question with such an established franchise.  I did cringe a little with this week’s reveal.  It waded right into the waters of what I think has gone really wrong with SVU.

Alesha, one of two women in the main cast is sexually abused.  When this happened to Detective Oliva Benson on SVU the whole show started to tank.  They turned her into the victim that all of the sudden related with everyone and the wank would not end.  I’m not saying it’s not a terrible thing that would change things about both a person and a character but it doesn’t make for good serialized tv.

This being said I think the effect and therefor in turn the “goodness” or quality of this episode rests on episodes that will come after it.  The cause and effect of what they’ve done to this character.  I’ve really liked her from the beginning and am still quietly rooting for her to hook up with Bamber though the show is young.  I’m also looking forward to see her coming up into her own as a crown prosecutor.

Over all it was a moving episode but it’s a strong reminder of the importance of context and how one’s opinion of a situation can change with the passage of time and the continued flow of information.  This could be a fundamentally very different show in two weeks retrospect than it is today, and different yet again by the end of the season.



~ by doublebitch on April 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “Will Law & Order UK age to perfection?”

  1. I finally saw this episode and thought it was pretty good. Of course I also saw the episode where Olivia Benson of SVU was attacked, thought it was absolutely awful and stopped watching the show soon afterwards. So I didn’t have to live through the victimizing of Benson. Hopefully I won’t have to stop watching L&O UK because of this.

    Perhaps this time they’ll do something different. I’m hoping that they’ll turn Alesha into even tougher cookie who simply wont stop chasing the culprits and only now and then remind us that she can relate to the victims for a good cause. It’s even likely since the Order side deals with the criminals more than with the victims.

    In any case, you are more than right. The following events will determine the value of this latest episode.

  2. I don’t watch this show. But OMG! IT’S DOCTOR MARTHA JONES!!!!! Freeeeeeema!

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