Awesome Hair 2: Nathan Petrelli

nathan-hair-01This season it’s become obvious to me that Nathan Petrelli must have the best hair of any Senator ever, but I think I need to change that to he just has awesome hair, period. I mean, look at this cap from this week’s ep! All buzzed on the sides and poofy on top, and you totally know that he plans his haircuts based on if they’ll look good windswept, so he can go flying around and when he lands, bam! Great hair.

Superheroes are often known for their haircuts. There’s Supes’ S-curl, Rogue’s peroxide forelock, and Wolverine’s…. I don’t even know what that is. But superheroic hairstyles was something that Heroes never really had when the show began. We’re now 50+ episodes into the show, and with the exception of Nathan everone’s continued to stick with lame normal hair (well, Daphne’s was pretty sweet but she’s dead and ruins my point so ignoring).

nathan-hair-02Back in season one Nathan’s hair was pretty uninteresting, but has seen steady improvement over the series. First we had his awesome beard at the start of season two, leading to the previously-mentioned Best Senate Hair, which has now been modified to fit his bad boy fugitive status (as an aside, his version of ‘on the run from the government’ involves drinking contests, father-daughter bonding, and getting a haircut? Man, did Larter get screwed). I can’t wait to see what Pasdar’s head brings to the table for season four.

nathan-hair-03Going off topic a bit, how did Nathan manage to end up being the cooler Petrelli brother? He started Volume Four as the douchebag trying to detain everyone else!  Despite being right in the middle of things for the past nine episodes, Peter hasn’t really done anything. Very strange. I’m going to say it’s because of the hair. That or the acting ability.

You may have noticed that this post was about Nathan’s hair and not Pasdar’s. It’s been a while since I saw an episode, but I don’t remember his hair being all that great in Mysterious Ways (but then most of my memories of that show are of Alisen Down), and I’m not sure if I should take Solarbabies into consideration. Besides, it kinda feels like the hair is a character trait of Nathan’s. Wow, have I really just rambled on for 400 words about Nathan Petrelli’s hair?



~ by Jerk on April 9, 2009.

5 Responses to “Awesome Hair 2: Nathan Petrelli”

  1. I really kind of love the idea of Nathan changing his hair to suit his situation. Going on the run, gotta go more badass! It just feels like something that he would be concerned with!

  2. Totally agree!!! Great hair! Best on Heroes!!! 😀

  3. i wonder if he’ll get Stylar hair now

  4. You so were just looking for an opportunity to say Stylar again.

  5. Stylar Stylar Stylar!

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