"It let me live."

Just a warning, this will be a bit rambling and ranty. Okay? Okay. Wow. Flashbacks focusing on Ben and Widmore, how cool was that? And due to Lost’s love of killing off characters, I really wasn’t sure if this was going to end up being Ben’s swan song or not. The Island forcing Ben to follow/not re-kill Locke was pretty damn sweet as well, I’m looking forward to seeing him finally take up the mantle of leader of the Others, now that all those time crisis shenaniganslost-ben-kid have passed. This is going to be a Ben-centric post but I have two quick ep-related comments I want to make: a) I was just thinking to myself ‘I wonder if we’ll get a Caesar ep this season’ when he took a shotgun blast to the chest, curse you BKV! b) I thought Sayid’s bounty hunter chick was working for Ben to get Sayid on the plane, but all of a sudden I’m worried she’s Keamy 2.0 and wondering what’s in the big shiny case…

Anyway, back to Ben! When he first showed up he seemed nothing more than an expendable Other. Kind of crazy how awesome his arc has been over the last three years, and at this point only Locke could be said to have such a vital role for both the show and the Island as our Mr. Linus. I know the writers had a loose idea of where the series was going to go all along but I wonder just how much it has changed as the show progressed, considering Ben wasn’t originally intended to be in more than a handful of episodes. Did they have someone else planned to be the leader of the Others, and just switched it to Ben because of how awesome Michael Emerson was? Or was the role just made up and added to the Lost framework?

lost-ben-judgedWhile I’m asking hypotheticals, how did they find a kid who could pull off that creepy Ben stare? That kid is one of the best ‘young version of character’ castings on TV, right up there with Young Sammy on SPN. I also love that they’ve badly wounded Young Ben. I don’t think he’s ever managed to go a week in his life without being injured in some way, often in the face/head region. Strangely, that’s part of what makes Ben awesome.

Speaking of Ben and Awesome, somewhere along the line his relationship with Alex became one of my favourites on the show, so I really loved that the Island sent her to talk to him instead of Christian. Was that to make him more likely to actually follow her instructions, or perhaps some sort of reward/punishment based on his judgement? There was just so much Beny goodness packed into this episode, with a side of Locke. Every time I’ve found myself wanting some more of a certain character or plotline from Lost this season, the next episode has delivered in spades!



~ by Jerk on April 11, 2009.

One Response to “"It let me live."”

  1. Couldn’t agree more. Ben has quickly become my favorite character because I never know quite what he’ll do but I always know it will make sense. Michael Emerson is incredible. I’m not sorry that we didn’t get a Cesar episode and I hope that Ilana quickly suffers the same fate once we know what she’s up to. I’m thinking she’s a Widmore plant but who knows?

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