I Don’t Know Where This is Going

office-bromance2Back from Easter visiting and able to watch the shows from last Thursday and Friday finally, including the two eps of The Office that aired. This season started off really strong, I loved the stuff with Holly. After that though, it kind of seemed like The Office fell into a routine. Not that it wasn’t funny (the Superbowl ep was amazing), it just felt like a sitcom chugging along. A really good one, but still.

With the last four episodes, the introduction of Charles and the birth of the Michael Scott Paper Company I’ve found that I’m really digging the direction the story has taken. Largely because I really don’t know how this is going to all play out. Michael and Pam have quit. That whole ‘rundown’ client list thing kinda seems like Charles is planning to fire Jim. Honestly it kinda seems like the series is about to end.

Part of me thinks that would be awesome that they managed to keep this being the final season a secret all the way to the end, but come on, keeping something a secret until the episode airs is often impossible nowadays. So if The Office isn’t ending, just where the hell is it going with this storyline?

michael-scott-paper-coI looked up the episode titles for the three remaining eps this season (Heavy Competition, Broke, and Casual Friday) trying to get some clues, but they don’t really help. Broke could be a clue, but to what? Is it a character that’s broke? Michael’s company? Dunder Mifflin? The only possible resolutions I can see are either Charles somehow screws up badly and David Wallace re-hires Michael, or DM folds and Michael hires them all (except Toby) and takes over the Office with his company. The only other option is to keep both companies around, and I really don’t see that becoming the new status quo for the  series.

However it plays out, this is definitely the most invested I’ve ever been in the plot of The Office.



~ by Jerk on April 13, 2009.

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