Reverse Whedon

I’ve been a big Whedon fan for a long time now, and after over… 275 (!!!) episodes of Whedon ness spread over four series, you get to know some of his tricks. dollhouse-10For example, killing off important characters. Long before Lost and 24 brought large casts and frequent death into the mainstream, I was watching Jenny Calendar and Doyle suddenly and dramatically leaving for good. Many shows when they kill off characters, there’s that sense all through the episode that this is their swan song. Not so much with Whedon’s stuff.

So it was interesting when last week’s Dollhouse started with a little prophecy of impending doom for someone. It wasn’t really the Whedon style (although the same could be said for a bunch of aspects of Dollhouse compared to his other showness) so I was a bit out-of-sorts going into the ep. Which didn’t stop me from guessing who was going to bite it (I still don’t think Dr. Fred is going to make it out of the season).

dollhouse-11Then we get to the end of the ep and not only is there not a dead person, but the wound was about as superficial as possible. Which, honestly made it really Whedony. Joss has always been using the conventions of television to sideswipe his audience with things like the aforementioned unexpected deaths, or Buffy season 7 having Caleb’s “You’ve found the weapon but can you get to it before I kill you?” speech interrupted by Buffy grabbing the scythe. This time he just happened to reverse it, making you think somebody was going to die and then shocking you when everybody lives.

If I’m talking about this ep, then I need to stick on a quick postscript about how awesome DeWitt was this week. At this rate she’s so going to take my ‘favourite Dollhouse character’ spot away from November (I can’t call her Mellie anymore, because November is just too awesome of a name to not use).



~ by Jerk on April 14, 2009.

2 Responses to “Reverse Whedon”

  1. I was in denial a better part of the episode. I simply didn’t want to see any of the characters written out just yet and I was especially sad to see Mr Dominic being sent to the attic. But this is a Whedon show, so there’s a good chance that we’ll see him again, if the show isn’t cancelled. Isn’t there?

    DeWitt was fabulous and this turn of events just opened dozens of possible future storylines I didn’t see coming before now.

  2. Oh i have ness about this! I’ll be back.

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