Heroes – The First Generation

DoubleBitch here.  I’m back after almost a week of chocolaty bunny goodness and ready to bitch about my TV like always.  First on the docket is Heroes.

I miss when Peter was awesome and we saw his whole face

I miss when Peter was awesome and we saw his whole face

What has been up with the cinematography lately?  Is it just me or are all these shots from behind people and 1/4 profiles of peoples faces getting kinda old?  What happen to actually putting someone’s whole face on the screen?  Other than Claire and that terrible wig.  I’ve had it with that wig.  She could be bald under there and it would look better than the Malibu barbie plastic toupe she’s got going on there.

Can we get a yay! for young Charles Deveaux?  Edwin Hodge makes one of his first big appearances and I enjoyed him very much.  He’s sweet and cute and did a great job in the role.  As for our little super team 1.0 I’m not sure how I feel.  We knew about this, most of it and what they’ve said otherwise is that the only other person we care about (Mohinder’s dad) probably isn’t as evil as he looks right now.  They really built us up for some major happenings and I’m just not sure I’m feeling it.  I’d really like to see where Aurthur Patrelli fits into this story.

I’m as excited as the next guy about Fuller coming back but so far I don’t feel like it’s really served to provide all that much change.  We’ve had a few good episodes but the stories and characters are still divided.  I also feel like we’re not moving along as quickly as we could with some of these things, spending a long time to develop concepts that we could understand with less time dedicated to them.   I really loved Matrelli and Alice this week but over all, unless we see her again this wasn’t a really pleasing direction for the story to go.   I’ll keep the faith for the remaining few episodes but they haven’t really been rocking my world as of late.



~ by doublebitch on April 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “Heroes – The First Generation”

  1. I very much agree with you. This episode was pretty much stagnant up until Sylar as Nathan appeared. I think next week we’ll actually have stuff happen which will be good.

    I enjoyed seeing the youngun versions of our Company founders but the rest of the episode was really blah. Too much whining, nothing happening.

  2. I agree about the lack of actual development here, but at the same time I’ve found volume four to be sooo much better paced than volume three. Even if it can be a bit slow at times, the move towards whole episodes focusing on a smaller group instead of giving us one or two scenes with everyone works much better. I do think this ep could have done with a B storyline with Hiro, Ando and Parkman(s).

    Aw dammit, I just looked up the final two episodes, and Kring is writing the finale.

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