Richard Castle, TV's Best Dad

castle-03I’ve been impressed with Castle so far, and one of the things that’s impressed me is how awesome of a dad Castle is. At first I thought the show’s father-daughter relationship was going to end up being similar to that of Hank and Becca on Californication (and you have to admit there are some similarities, both shows have a divorced lead who’s a writer and has a young daughter, both shows start with ‘Ca’) but it’s pretty different. First of all, Alexis seems far more normal than Becca. Sure she can still carry on mature conversations with her dad, but she seems much more kid-like than Becca. Then you have the dad side of the equation, and I think it boils down to Richard Castle is the dad Hank Moody wishes he was.

We’re only six episodes into the series and we’ve already seen him cooking and playing laser tag with Alexis, not to mention his big concerned dad speech when his one case involved a kid who got into drugs. There’s been a lot of awesome parenting taking place for a show that’s about solving murders.

castle-04As for my claim that he’s TV’s best dad, this sounds like a pretty bold statement at first, but honestly how many dads are there on TV right now? I’ve already brought up Hank Moody. The Bishops on Fringe. I guess Battlestar had some parents but that doesn’t count, it’s hard to compare parenting skills when humanity has been almost destroyed. Tracy Jordan 30 Rock? Jack Bauer? The Devil on Reaper? HRG? Maybe I’m just not watching the shows with awesome dads, but from where I’m standing Castle really doesn’t have any real competition for the title.



~ by Jerk on April 15, 2009.

4 Responses to “Richard Castle, TV's Best Dad”

  1. Good point. I love watching Rick and his daughter interact, they seem like they have a good time together yet she does have rules and boundaries. Usually in a case like this you’d expect the kid to be running wild, but they do a great job here and I really like the relationship.

  2. best dad on tv right now. Thats what you have to say because Pa Kent was a pretty amazing dad.

    also how amazing was the casting of her mother?! Someone should check if they’re actually related because it was dead on. amazing casting

  3. Yeah, I meant currently. And I totally agree with the mom casting. My first thought when I saw her was ‘ummm why is he sleeping with someone who looks like his daughter?’ but then: ex-wife and it all made sense.

  4. thanx

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