Caprica Leaves More Questions

caprica-freeIt’s taken me a few days to really digest how I feel about the Caprica pilot and I’m not really sure I’ve reached a definitive answer even yet but here’s what I’ve got.

Months ago, when we were first really hearing about Caprica the show I wasn’t all that excited.  I was concerned that such a story would remove what I loved about Battlestar.  The battles, the stars and the battlestar itself.  Going into this I realized that we were going to be seeing a very different kind of sci-fi show but with it existing in the universe we already know and love as it is/was I was unsure I’d be able to seperate the two.  These feelings maintined true after the first viewing.  Caprica is a show about the people but it’s missing the drive that BSG had from the first 20 minutes of the miniseries.

The projectory of BSG was visable to everyone from the beginning, Caprica, not so much.  My big issue with the show is that esentially we know where it’s going.  So they’re trying to make skinjobs, but we know they’ll never get there.  We know they don’t make it that far before… other things happen.  Trying not to spoil too much in the process here.  It’s strange.  With a show like Smallville we know where the show is going to go but with Caprica we know where it’s going to go and where it’s been for thousands of years before and after.  It’s a very specific time period and other than Bill Adama and the development of the One True God relegion, I’m not really sure I care all that much.

capricascifipanelThe acting was great and the casting is perfect.  I was so glad to see Paula Malcomson (Deadwood).  She’s amazing.  The sets and the technology is exciting to see though some of the cgi is less than convincing but I’ll overlook that for a tv show.

So far I think their biggest obstical will be convincing us that we care.  The ties to the reimagined series were neat little shout outs but for the most part did not really develop that much on anything we didnt already know.  The first time I saw Starbuck, I loved starbuck and needed to see more of her.  The same went for Adama and Apolo and Baltar.  The characters pulled you in.  Caprica’s characters aren’t pulling me in, the myth is.  So far we’re seeing people’s weaknesses and while BSG’s characters had many weaknesses it was always about their weakness in their great strenghts.

It’s an admirable start and I’ll be interested to see where this goes, because right now I have no idea how they’ll keep that interesting.



~ by doublebitch on April 16, 2009.

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