Poor Big Bang Theory

I see in Big Bang Theory the potential for a really awesome sitcom, but I’ve found that very few episodes have lived up to that potential. It has been walking a weird line with it’s geekiness, often you’re amazed at how accurate they are, only to be stunned by a glaring, insanely obvious misstep. I try not to nitpick these things, but they’ve shown that they have the knowledge base for the subject big-bang-comic-shopmatter, so clearly they knew it was wrong. I’ve found the same thing with the characters, they’ll make some good steps towards changing and developing the characters only to later revert them to their base pilot-era selves. But despite the flaws, I’m always hoping to get an episode that reaches those heights I know the show can.

This week’s episode was one of those eps, truly funny and just jam packed with geek, in this case comic books, my personal geekdom forte! And on the nitpick side, I can assert that everything they did with the comics was perfect, all the arguments, even the choice of a coveted issue for Sheldon and Wolowitz to fight over (a rare and awesome Neal Adams variant cover to All Star Batman& Robin #8). This was an episode of BBT the way it was meant to be!

he-doesnt-work-hereUnfortunately, after BBT I watched this week’s HIMYM which completely and utterly blew it away. It’s no fault of BBT’s, season four of HIMYM has been absolutely amazing, hands-down the funniest sitcom this season and quite honestly I’d say the best we’ve seen from a US sitcom since Arrested Development wrapped, even if it had been merely an okay ep of HIMYM it would have given Big Bang a run for its money. The shows are just operating on completely different levels.

Speaking of segues, they’ve done a pretty damn good job of hiding the fact that 2/5’s of the main cast of How I Met Your Mother got pregnant (and 100% of their wommens), that’s been far less distracting/obvious than I thought it would be. I actually thought they were going to write Aly’s pregnancy into the series (there was a hint of future babyness for Lily early on in the season), but I guess they’re holding off on that for next year. How they gave Aly some time off to have her baby was brilliant and hilarious. Srsly, if you haven’t been watching, you should really go find the episodes. To tide you over/just because it’s awesome, here’s the latest show-related website to be put up, complete with Random Alan Thicke and Crash Test Dummies references! More good news (if Wiki can be trusted) is that this season will be 24 eps instead of 22, making up the two lost due to the strike last year!

Oh, and for anyone interested, the punchline is “You can’t peanut butter your dick up someone’s ass.”



~ by Jerk on April 16, 2009.

One Response to “Poor Big Bang Theory”

  1. HA, thanks for the punchline, I was meaning to look that up. HIMYM is indeed my favorite sitcom by far. I don’t watch Big Bang often so I can’t comment on that but I had to chime in on HIMYM. It was a fabulous way to get Lily off the canvas for awhile and I loved Marshall having to step into her devious shoes to break up Robin and JP.

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