Dis-Appointment Television

rerunRemember way back, say 4 – 5 months ago?  Back in a time of happy, when Daphne was still alive and we were waiting on bated breath for the final episodes of Battlestar!  To find out who the final cylon was.  When episodes flowed a plenty in a symphony of consecutive airings playing out their melodies on our heart strings!

Yeah, well welcome to 2009.  All that’s over.  The CW and even NBC were really on the ball during the first half of this season (or volume, what have you) airing their episodes back to back.  Building and keeping a great momentum and consistency casual watchers could really sink their teeth into.  I praised TNT for nudging these kinds of schedules along.  Pressing boundaries of ‘season’ and ‘sweeps’.  TNT forges on with their successes while the rest have decided to flounder around and screw things up.  We’ve seen break after break in these shows and I know I was not the only person expecting a whole lot more to be new on TV last night than there was.  Even Monday nights have been hit or miss for what will be new.

I understand stretching a season and these occasional one or two week breaks are much better than some years of Smallville where we’d go for a whole month before the story would continue but it’s been proven now, it works in their favor to quit jerking us around.  The concept of volumes as opposed to seasons works for me if you’re willing to air them all in one go.  I’m tired of having to surf the channels to find something to watch on a night that I set aside specifically for certain shows  and if the networks feel they really need to take those breaks then they need to do a better job of publicizing when we should be looking for the next episode.

My arch enemy Tim Kring spoke about the downfall of ‘appointment television’, I agree but I don’t think it’s dead.  People make a point to watch when you make something they care about. Quit making them have to keep a day book to follow you and maybe you’ll give people a chance to show you that they’re still there.



~ by doublebitch on April 17, 2009.

5 Responses to “Dis-Appointment Television”

  1. To be fair, this season has had more shows air without a break than any other I can think of: Leverage, Raising the Bar, True Blood, 24, Castle, Reaper.

    Also Lost is airing with a total of 2 skip weeks. Heroes only had one skip week per volume, and the big break between volumes 3 and 4. This week is the only skip week for Dollhouse.

    I agree that some shows could be doing better, but this is still the best season for straight runs or nearly-straight runs I’ve ever seen.

  2. my point was mostly that the CW had massive fail. Hereos has had two break weeks this vol though haven’t they?
    anyway, we had the awesome first half of the season with Smallville and Supernatural. (I’m glad they dont air them separately. That would be terrible.) but second half they’ve gone back to their old-ish ways and I don’t know why.

  3. Nope, just one for Heroes volume 4 between Shades of Gray and Cold Snap.

    I do agree with the CW fail though.

  4. Doesn’t the CW always manage to fail? I watch exactly 2 shows on that channel and I never know when they’re going to be new or repeats. I think Gossip Girl has been off for about a month. SN keeps taking 3 week breaks. I can deal without GG cause that’s just my mindless pleasure TV show but with SN being so awesome this year it really sucks.

    I didn’t know Dollhouse wasn’t new tonight either…thanks for the heads up!

  5. Even One Tree Hill I don’t even worry about watching on tv anymore because it’s hardly ever new. For a network that doesn’t even run enough programming to fill every night of the week you’d think they could manage this.

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