How Dollhouse won DB over in three scenes

I’ve been very on and off with Dollhouse from the start.  Like many people I think I was on the bandwagon for the love of Whedon and Helo okay and maybe some of the Dushku even if I don’t like her in the role.  (Every time I look at her I see a lesser Sidney Bristo meets Max from Dark Angel.)  I’ve found it really slow picking up, which I’m not totally against I just haven’t felt like it was a must see show to add to my list.  As you’ve probably been reading Jerk doesn’t agree and that’s what’s good about having more than one blogger on staff.

In the past few episodes I’ve seen three scenes that really turned me around on the show.  These three scenes were so strong that having seen them alone and nothing else, I’d probably be hooked.  The first scene that really made things work for me was kind of a combo.  When Tahmoh goes out for chinese and not only gets beaten by a little girl but also finds out about Miss November and her mind washed tendencies.  That was the first time I had an “Oooh!” moment with this show.

The second scene was when we saw the virus or drugs effect on Topher and DeWitt.  Finally some Whedon-esque comedy coming through.  I’m still not even sure I care that much about Topher as a person, I’ve yet to see anything interesting about him but I’m willing to let that grow.

dollhouse-a-spy-in-the-house-of-loveThe final scene that won me over was the scene in Miss DeWitt’s bedroom with “Roger” her doll of choice.  It was so great to see that character finally develop into something more than just the bad guy.  I found it very Lex Luthorish with the fencing but despite that it showed so much strength in weakness which I love.   I was very moved by that scene and it added DeWitt to the list of characters that I care about, something I still feel is lacking on this show.

I’m not sure how far we’ll see this go and I’m really not sure I’ll be all that upset if FOX pulls another fast one from under Joss’ feet but it’s finally starting to act like the show it was given all the free hype for.



~ by doublebitch on April 18, 2009.

One Response to “How Dollhouse won DB over in three scenes”

  1. I actually like that I don’t like Topher, if that makes sense. He’s like the standard geeky Whedon character, except he’s kind of a dick, which I think is cool.

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