DB’s Top 7 Game Shows of All Time

It’s been a while since we’ve done a list so I thought what better for a lazy Sunday evening than DoubleBitch’s Top 7 Game Shows of all time [read- the past 20-ish years].

jeopardy200710111) I’ll start things off easy with my personal addiction – Jeopardy! Yes, exclamation mark included.  I’m a trivia junkie.  I have been since my days on the reach for the top team in high school.  It’s the one show where all your useless facts become useful.  If you’re not a fan this isn’t just your Grandmother’s game show.  There’s the fast paced action of contestants trying to ring in and the hilarity of Alex’s mocking of each person after the first commercial break.  There’s even drama when you see one contestant move on, you become attached and root for the heroes and the villains.  Shut up.  It’s exciting to me.

2) MXC is the ridiculous mix of a Japanese obstacle race type game show and mocking English Overdubbing.  They tried to make an American remake of this but it could never be the same.  If you haven’t seen this Spike tv classic be sure to check it out.  It’s a fantastic way to waste a half program-art-fetchhour.

3) Fetch! another show with an exclamation mark!  Fetch! Is a kids game show on PBS where real kids interact with the animated host, funnydog Ruff Ruffman.  He sends them on a wild and educational race to find clues and complete tasks.  At times it’s even a little bit like the amazing race with kids in one city.

4) Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego was a huge part of my after school television watching schedule.  Rocapella provided great sound effects that I’m sure a lot of people could sing back to you even today.  Ooooh the chasssee!  I was a big fan of the video games too.  I wonder which came first?  Carmen was such a great character and Lynne Thigpen who played the Chief still makes me smile when I see her pop up someplace new. (She’s even the voice of Luna on Bear in the Big Blue House). There was Where in Time but I wasn’t as big of a fan of that show.  It was harder than geography.

5) Deal or No Deal. This is as close to gambling you can get on tv without watching hours of poker and trust me.  I’ve seen hours of poker.  I’m actually half decent despite never having played a real game.  Anyway, Deal or No Deal not only has the ladies with the cases and the ever charismatic and germophobic Howie Mandel but it’s just a great concept that has massive play at home appeal.  They’ve really hit success on this one with the play at home games too.  Both the DVD and board game versions are a lot of fun to play with relatives of all ages.

6) Supermarket Sweep.  Now this might just be because I worked in a grocery store for almost 6 years as a teen and still have a soft spot in my heart for grocery shopping.  I’ve even caught reruns of this in the past year if you get the GAME network.  It’s always fun to watch for the hair and the eye wear of the contestants but this is one of those shows where you know the contestants are just real, regular people.  They’re not super smart or extra beautiful.  They’re just moms who know the grocery store like the back of their hands.  People rush around the isles to pick up special items based on clues and at the end they go on a big shopping spree.  The prize is food and maybe some money.  What a great concept.  I could see this one making a comeback.   Check it out here if you’re bored.54481

7) Finally, the best game show of all time – Secrets of the Cryptkeeper’s Haunted House. [Refresh yourself here. ]  That show you were secretly kinda afraid of but couldn’t stop watching.  Teams of kids answered questions and ran creepy obstacle courses while a new kids reject narrated and the Tales of the Crypt puppet taunted 8 year olds.  CG Skulls spit balls and laughed in their faces.   It was like American Gladiators for kids plus Halloween which to me is about as win as it gets.

Good Luck,


~ by doublebitch on April 19, 2009.

One Response to “DB’s Top 7 Game Shows of All Time”

  1. Secrets of the Crypt was some hardcore shit. It must take some of the magic out of it when you’re actually there getting thrown dodgeballs at you in a blue screen.

    MXC is also a favorite of mine and Dads.

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