More Wang Than I Was Expecting

Party Down; Episode 101So we’re now five episodes into Party Down now, I figure it’s time to post my thoughts on it. The cast and crew are a mashup of Veronica Mars people and Apatow people, and I absolutely loved VMars, while Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared were awesome (and the Apatow-related movies we’ve been getting in recent years haven’t been bad either). So you’d think I’m completely loving this show. That is what’s happening, yes.

First of all, the casting for the show was excellent. Dick plus Bill plus Lizzy Caplan? It’s like someone sought out all the quirky awesome hilarious people I love and stuck them in this show. Throw in some amazing guest stars (Young Republican Dohring!) in every episode for good measure, and the result is probably–no strike that, definitely my favourite cast on TV right now. I’ve got my fingers crossed for a Tina Majorino appearance before the season’s out.

party-down-romanAs for the writing, the reason I got into VMars to begin with was because I heard it called the most Whedonesque show on TV. Now, imagine that applied to a half-hour sitcom instead of a an hour drama. Also throw in Paul Rudd, because that wasn’t sounding awesome enough already.

So with all of this going for it, I was expecting awesome and it delivered. Which isn’t to say that Party Down is exactly what I thought it would be. I wasn’t expecting an R-rated sitcom, though that’s probably due to me knowing nothing about the Starz channel. Had it ended up on HBO or Showtime instead, then I would have seen that coming. Though that said, I still doubt I’d have forseen the amount of nudity the series has. Not a negative, just unexpected.

party-down-caseyYou may have noticed I pretty much only have positive things to say about the show. This is true, and after five episodes not only am I enjoying the series, I’d say it’s better than the current seasons of The Office, 30 Rock, and Big Bang Theory. HIMYM is the only sitcom that I’d say is currently better than Party Down. One of the best new shows of the season (not quite Leverage quality, but damn close).



~ by Jerk on April 20, 2009.

2 Responses to “More Wang Than I Was Expecting”

  1. I have to agree with you yet again. I knew I was going to be completely biased going in but thus far the show has lived up to expectations. I about fell over with joy when the guy that played Cliff on VM was one of the customers! I loved Cliff!! In the pantheon of side players that were not Veronica’s friends, he was by far and away my favorite. All the VM guest stars have rocked and I’m looking forward to seeing KB’s entrance.

    Like you, I was a bit surprised at the nudity but it only enhanced the hilarity of the last episode.

  2. You have me so desensitized to the word Wang now that I didnt even see it in the tittle for a good 20 hours. It’s like Deadwood and “cocksucker”

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