*Gasp!* Heroes Originality!

It’s pretty well known (I thiiiink, I sometimes have trouble judging these things when they’re comic-related) that Heroes hasn’t exactly been innovative with the manifestation and use of powers. They’ve sylar-01been standard powers (with the exception of things like Maya, when they’re instead retardedly complex for no real dramatic gain), and the story has portrayed them in a standard manner. This changed with this week’s episode, delving into Sylar’s newly gained shapeshifting powers, and their effects on him both physically and mentally.

On the mental side of things, I can’t really think of any comics that dealt with someone suddenly gaining or developing shapeshifting powers (though I’m sure there was some sort of Rogue story about that at some point?), and I thought it was really cool to see Sylar’s sense of self degrade as he continued to use his shifting powers more and more. The Sméagol/Gollum speech with his ‘mom’ was very creepy, yet at the same time a great way of showing how Sylar was attempting to deal with his new shifty status quo.

As cool as that was, it was the physical side of things that I really loved. I’m a big fan of the science (no matter how faulty or pseudo it may be) behind superpowers, and this is something that Heroes pretty much never gets into. So I was a little shocked to see some explanation of how Sylar’s new power works (though there’s always sylar-nathanroom for more! For example, he needs to touch a person’s DNA to copy them exactly, but could he become  just some random different person by will? Or would it be like some creepy animatronic person without the DNA data? Does this power mean that Sylar now holds a sample of the DNA of each person he’s copied?). I was especially interested in the errors, like eye colour or the extra tooth. The idea that shifting repeatedly can cause write errors in his body is really, really cool. That one of these write errors appears to be the removal (or is that just moval?) off Sylar’s off switch is just (and I know, this will be shocking to hear with regards to Heroes) good writing. Feels to me like what you’d expect from a good, solid X-Men story.

This is far and away the most interested I’ve ever been in how they’re using a power on Heroes, and I hope this is just a portent of things to come next season.



~ by Jerk on April 22, 2009.

One Response to “*Gasp!* Heroes Originality!”

  1. I have to admit, the entire time I’ve watched Heroes it’s felt like a TV version of the X-Men (mostly done bad the second and majority of this “season”). However, there have been times when I thought, “Dude, the show is back to getting good.” If Sylar stops being the Man’s monster on a leash, I think it would be awesome.

    Also, the whole Sylar/Mom thing reminded me of a mix between Rogue from the comics fighting all the bits of personalities she’s accumulated – most notably Ms. Marvel. I never thought of the Gollum aspect until now, and it totally works better to describe him. I don’t think he’s getting the personalities of the people like Rogue would, it’s just that he can’t control the shifting that’s triggering his crazy.

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