Rewatching 24: Part 1

24-logoMy roommate had never watched 24 before, and since I knew it was a show he’d love, I bugged him until he agreed to start watching it. We’re currently a third of the way through season six, and I was planning on waiting until we were finished before writing a post on how my thoughts on the series have changed with a second viewing, but when I started to plan out the post I realized it was way too long for just one post, so here’s part one.

Rewatching a series like this is something I’ve wanted to do with several shows, but because a) I watch a lot of shows and b) there are more that I want to watch, it doesn’t really happen. Sure, I’ll throw on an ep of Buffy or SPN or Smallville, but actually rewatching the entire thing from the start just never seems to happen, so really my roommate not having watched was something of a thinly veiled excuse to rewatch 24 myself. I’ll start off with my thoughts on the seasons as a whole.

24-s1Season one held up well on a second viewing, the first half is still much better than the second (and the amnesia is still one of the lamest plotlines in the series), though I did find myself wishing it would end so we could move on to later seasons. Season one is the cornerstone of the series, and gives us the first ‘this man isn’t who you think he is’ and the first ‘but we thought he was dead’ and ‘there’s a spy in CTU’ moments, which come back again and again throughout the series. But it kinda feels like the first season is dealing with Proto-Bauer. All the other seasons have a Jack informed by the death of his wife, and having watched those seasons, this really feels like the soft, gentle, still-has-a-family Bauer.

24-s2Season two was one of my favourites on first viewing, and it held up even better than season one. The Jack and Palmer plotlines were excellent, CTU was decent, and even though this is easily the worst season for the Kim plot, knowing how bad it was actually made it quite enjoyable, waiting for Miguel’s spinkick, or the cougar, or the crazy guy in the woods. The return of Nina was excellent, and really makes me miss the returning villains from the early seasons. In fact, Marie Warner would be a great character to bring back, assuming the writers could figure out how to get her out of prison. She had a good crazy stare going on. Somehow knowing what’s in store for George Mason just made his arc even more awesome this season. On second viewing, the return of Sherry at the end of the season kinda felt like they were grasping at straws trying to keep her relevant to the series, but in exchange we get to see her stabbed, so it works out well.

24-s3Season three was a season I was a bit disappointed with the first time I saw it, but I actually liked it a lot better on second viewing. The disjointed nature of the plot for the season (There’s a bio-threat! No there isn’t, it’s a plot by Jack to get back undercover! Wait, there is a bio-threat!) really doesn’t seem bad when compared to something like season six. They actually managed to make Kim work in the series without being constantly kidnapped (though she still is, twice!), but unfortunately this came at the expense of the Palmer storyline. The President’s plot for this season is terrible and boring, and I found myself just waiting for the last few episodes, to see Sherry get punched and then shot. I’d still say that I liked season two more than three, though just barely, and it turns out that more of my favourite 24 moments occured this season than last (though season two had some of my very favourite ones). This is the first season to actually improve when I watched it a second time.

I’ll post my thoughts on seasons four through six when we finish with season six, and then some thoughts on various characters.



~ by Jerk on April 24, 2009.

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