Cancelation helps or hinders viewers

reaper_lHow do pickups effect your viewing?  I’ve found more and more this season that pickups make a big difference on the tv I choose to watch.  For example, shows like Reaper and Eli Stone I quickly find myself falling behind on because I know the story isn’t going any further.  I know that I can catch up any time between now and forever and I’m not going to get any more than 10 episodes behind, probably less.

The late great Eli Stone has an entire seasons waiting for me to tune in and catch up but the news of it’s tragic end preceded about half of it’s season, not to mention preempted the final episodes which after the period of mourning from fans left many apathetic to what happened to our characters.

Reaper hasn’t even been given the axe yet but with the producers and Tyler Labine moving on to a new project for next season you can be pretty sure that it’s on the chopping block.  I love Reaper, I really do but of all the tv I watch it’s one that, due to it’s impending doom, I can probably watch later.  The blame for this project’s end is directly related to the 9th season of Smallville and the fact that they chose to air it Tuesdays before 90210 instead of in Smallville’s spot during a mid season break that never happened.  I’m not saying I’m not happy for some of the better scheduling as far as Smallville goes but it really put the nail in Reapers coffin.

er_s9_revisedOn the other side of the spectrum you have things like the ER finale or that one fake out that 7th Heaven did and then came back for another season.  When there are long running shows they quite often make a big deal about the finale and therefor pull big numbers of viewers that passed through the show through the years.  In this case, cancellation is more likely to make you watch something.

So which is it?  Does knowing something will end make you more or less likely to catch the final run?



~ by doublebitch on April 28, 2009.

One Response to “Cancelation helps or hinders viewers”

  1. I’m more likely to watch a show if it’s short, I find. It’s because I need to watch all the episodes in order, I think.

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