Four Hours Left

kiefer-hornsI kind of feel like every few weeks I end up putting another post up saying ‘Day 7 still awesome, waiting for the other shoe to drop!’ and maybe I have been but dammit, this season of 24 has really impressed the hell out of me, and now that we’re 5/6 of the way through I’m willing to bet there isn’t anything lurking around the corner that can somehow ruin it, and there are some things I’d like to talk about before the season ends, so click on to read all sorts of spoilery stuff.

There are two big things that I need to discuss here, the two things that I really want to tell to my 24 watching friends (none of them have seen any of Day 7 yet) to get them psyched to watch, but know I can’t ruin the surprises for them: Jack’s dying and Tony’s bad! I’ll start with the Jack’s dying part.

day-7-01Now obviously Jack isn’t going to die, there’s no way you can have 24 without Jack Bauer. You know a cure is coming (although there is a little bit of me that won’t rule out the idea that he will die, and the day after the finale airs FOX will release a statement saying ‘surprise! There is no season eight, this was the final season!’) but they’ve managed to pull it off really well. I actually find myself being worried for Jack, even though I know he’s going to pull through this whole ‘incurable nerve gas inhillation’ thing. At first I thought that Starkwood would have a single vial of a secret cure or something, and then with the stem cell thing I thought I’d figured it out, and I still think that’s going to be how they end up saving Jack. But not only is he not cured yet, but we’ve only got four hours left in the season and nothing is even being attempted to cure Jack.

As for Tony going Dark Side, wow. From the moment it was revealed that Tony would be returning as a bad guy, I knew it would be part of some elaborate plan, that there was no way he was really bad. So of course that’s exactly what we got… until he kills off a main character. And he killed a couple random FBI agents as he made his escape this week. I’m still hoping that there will be some kinda explanation for tony-showers-with-dead-guywhy he’s doing this, that he hasn’t really gone Dark Side. On the other hand, Dark Tony makes a great villain for the series. If he is well and truly bad now, then they better not kill him. Tony makes a much better Evil Bauer than Christopher Henderson, and works as a Nina-level recurring foil. I mean the guy took a shower with the body of the guy he suffocated with the shower curtain still propped up against the tub! That’s pretty hardcore commitment to cleanliness.

Now some random bits from this episode. There was something really emotional about seeing Chloe boot up the CTU mainframe in this episode. It’s funny, I’d never considered CTU itself to be a character in the show, and this season had been doing really well without it up to this point, but somehow having that CTU server online… it just felt like a missing piece of the puzzle had been added. And speaking of missing pieces, there was also a great Jack/Chloe scene in this episode. I’m actually surprised that there was no Kim in this episode, it seems like they gave her enough time to get out of Washington, so I’m not sure how they’re going to work her back into the story and burn her along with the whole final attack plot with just four episodes left. I had a dream a little while ago that after this season ended it was revealed that season eight actually carried on immediately from season seven to make one big 48 hour epic story. I just want that down in writing, so I’ll have proof if it turns out I’m Matrelli.



~ by Jerk on April 29, 2009.

2 Responses to “Four Hours Left”

  1. I’m still having a really hard time with Tony as a bad guy. It just doesn’t make sense. I keep rewatching him in previous seasons and thinking “there’s just no way this guy could turn evil”. I could believe that he did bad things before but to turn a guy who used to be Mr. Emotional into such a cold-hearted, backstabbing, emotionless villain is over the top and it just doesn’t work, IMO. But I am holding out hope that he has a good reason for doing what he’s doing, as extreme as his actions have been.

  2. I can see it, depending on what happened to him while he was ‘dead’. I mean, if you look at Day 1 Jack and Day 7 Jack, he’s a much different character now. It is a bit of a stretch to get to Evil Tony, but the show has certainly had bigger stretches in the past (in Day 6, Daniels was completely unbelievable).

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