An Unusuals Pilot

6a00d8341c630a53ef011570005aa5970b-800wiWhile I wait for Jerk to get over here for our first reunion in far too long I thought I’d give you the run down on a new show I gave a test run.  The Unusuals is a really great name for this show.  It’s a cop mystery series with some pretty funny parts.

This show had such a strange vibe.  The premise is that a cop is murdered who was into some shady stuff now the trick is to find out who’s in on it.  To relate it to shows that are on right now I’d have to say it was like the cop part of L&O meets Bones with a little bit of The Office thrown in there.  Those are probably terrible descriptions.  It’s well written I’m just not sure I’m into the over all story.44384802-06124950_preview

The two leads aren’t quite as interesting as the show is hoping they are.  To me Amber Tamblyn, while she seems to hold her own alright, looks about 18 years old.  In actuality it’s not far off.   If her inexperience is part of the character perhaps they shouldn’t have spent the first half of the episode having her cite her credentials to everyone she met.   I can’t seem to place where I know Jeremy Renner from but according to IMDB he was Rosenbaum’s character in Zoe, Duncan Jack and Jane.

I really enjoyed seeing Harold Perrineau playing a neurotic cop who sleeps with his bulletproof vest on  and Adam Goldberg who can’t seem to get hurt work as both a crime fighting team and the shows comic relief.  In the pilot they convince a perp that a printer is a lie detector and lock him in an SUV with angry cats to get him to confess.  There’s also something more going on with Goldberg’s character.  Though this was probably the most compelling storyline as far as making me want to know what happens next.

The main story of “find out the secrets behind the NYPD” just doesn’t really excite me.  I feel like it’s been done before and when it comes to cop shows what hasn’t been done before.  The music was fantastic and it was an enjoyable episode, I just didn’t feel that need to see the next one.  Perhaps we should add this to the grower not a shower pilot pile.



~ by doublebitch on April 30, 2009.

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