Shout-outs to Fandom

In recent episodes, both Smallville and Supernatural have had shout-outs to their fans. Of course, these occured in very traditionally Smallvilley and SPNy ways.

samslashdeanIn The Monster at the End of This Book we got some awesome metafictionalizing of SPN, which included the boys checking out what their fans were saying about them on the ‘Net. When they went to meet the publisher of Supernatural, they actually got to interact with one of their fans. In both cases the fandom was portrayed in a respectful, if tongue-in-cheek mocking way. It’s been clear from the beginning that Kripke and company are well aware of their fans and what they’re saying about the show, and this was a really cool and fun way to work the established fandom into the show, a little thank you for the loyal viewership.

blur-ettoSmallville did something similar in Stiletto, when Chloe shows Clark the Blur-Etto shipping on a forum. And while it was kinda cool, it was also totally lame. Kinda like the producers going “See? See? We’re cool, we know how you fans like to pair up characters! Yes?” No specific fan-ness like SPN did. Granted, it was just a little thing in Smallville while it was a big plot point in SPN, but it still felt like they could have done more with just an extra line or two.

SPN did it in a way that made it clear that the creators know exactly what their fans say and do. Smallville did it in a way that felt like they knew they had fans, but weren’t really interested in the specifics.



~ by Jerk on May 1, 2009.

3 Responses to “Shout-outs to Fandom”

  1. I loved SPN’s fan shout outs. Heck, even this week they snuck in “Ginormo” for Sam which is straight of the net, as is mojo hands. It’s pretty awesome to think that the writers keep their eyes on message boards and fandoms. I don’t want them to do it to the detriment of their storytelling but Kripke and co seem to have the right balance.

  2. SPN is catering too much, imho, to the fans. Whedon’s rules about how you need to give fans what they need, not what they want – well, I just want to tattoo it on Kripke this season. I’m tired of monster of the week stuff that hardly advances the plot. (Not counting The Rapture.) I wanted them to dig more into the mythology of things this season, but I felt like they (the writers and by default the characters) have been ignoring the most important stuff.

  3. that’s so typical of the two shows respectively. I don’t think smallville’s team have any idea what people think or want out of their show. They think they do, they say they do but most of the time they’re way off.

    I did find spn’s rubbing in of how small the fandom was a little bruising considering their viewership has been steadily on the rise this season.

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