Adelle DeWitt Isn’t Evil

We’ve got the season (and possible series) finale of Dollhouse on Friday, so here’s a little J/DB point-counterpoint for you. Our recent reunion showed that we have differing opinions about DeWitt.

dollhouse-12I don’t see her as evil, just someone without overly staunch morals. She’s a businesswoman who runs the Los Angeles branch of a global organization. Sure, it may be an organization that officially doesn’t exist and deals in a product that is morally grey (even dark grey). But grey isn’t black, and Adelle isn’t evil.

Proof number the first: She didn’t kill Ballard. Sure, she may be willing to kill him to keep the Dollhouse’s existence from becoming public record, and in the last episode we saw her arguing with Boyd about sending him to the attic. But she could have just killed him, with all the training available to be implanted in the dolls I’m sure they could have made it look like an accident. If she was worried about it looking suspicious that the agent investigating the Dollhouse died, that wouldn’t have been a problem after he was suspended. Plus it would have freed up November for other jobs. But she didn’t do that, she just kept him under surveillance.

dollhouse-13Next we can look at some of the jobs she’s taken on. She bent the rules of her own organization to allow her friend to come back from the dead. This past week we saw Echo trying to help an orphan, which I’m fairly certain someone did not pay millions of dollars to have happen. These don’t seem like the kinds of things an evil person would do. Also, DeWitt gets quite angry when the dolls are put in danger (or the risks were improperly stated before the mission), because after all the dolls are all actual people who entrusted their bodies to her for the extent of their contracts.

Which is another point in her favour, all the dolls are willing participants in the program (well, apparently not Sierra? I’m somewhat confused as to how that guy got her sent to the Dollhouse) who signed contracts. It seems they pick people who will be unlikely to turn them down, but they still let them choose to become dolls.

There’s tons of other arguments you can get into over Dollhouse (like is a person their personality, their body, or a combination of both and are the people actually experiencing the missions they go on, will the missions creep in after their contract is up like they creep in on the missions) but I think Adelle’s evilness isn’t really one of them.

Adelle DeWitt: Totally not evil.



~ by Jerk on May 6, 2009.

One Response to “Adelle DeWitt Isn’t Evil”

  1. She never said that she would put Boyd in the Attic. He said “put him in the chair”. It rather ambiguous as to what that means. We don’t know the full capabilities of “the chair’, there may be function settings that we have not been informed about but Topher cannot wait to try out.

    Maybe the intent would be to make a copy of Ballard like she did of her friend Margaret and them after tinkering it a bit, upload it into an Active just so that Ballard would have like an evil twin with knowledge of his family, ex-wife’s address, etc…just to keep Ballard from causing the Dollhouse trouble when he is released.

    Just because someone makes tough decisions doesn’t mean they are evil, but when you cater to masses, many of whom may have to answer to a boss that they don’t like, they would tend to look at anyone in a position of authority and decision making as evil.

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