Adelle DeWitt is EVIL

3396011559_2f7eed7670_oI’m going to go point for point here and prove to you why Adelle DeWitt IS evil.

Dear Jerk, Point number the first is wrong.  The fact that she didn’t kill Ballard is exactly why she’s evil.  What’s worse than death?  A lifetime of punishment.  Wasting away.  Now we’re rusty on the tech but I don’t think the dollhouse is advanced enough to keep his body young while he’s essentially cylon boxed in the attic.   You know, for the first time I’m really seeing the BSG parallel in this story.  I can so see how this idea came from that idea.

Just because a character has friends and needs doesn’t make them good.  Is Lex Luthor a good person because he loved Lana Lang (Smallville version please)?  I don’t think so.  Is Adelle good because she had a friend.  The friend was mean and cold to her family.  Her friend’s entire purpose of coming back was to spy on her family to see what they thought of her.  That is an evil plan.  Adelle simply helped out a fellow member of the evil league of evil.

DeWitt is not concerned about the dolls being in danger because she cares about them as people.  She’s concerned because they are her product.  Essentially the dollhouse is a car rental place.  If someone totals the car you can’t rent it anymore and then you lose money.  It’s bad business to bruise the product.

Saying the dolls are consensual is retarded.  There’s no way for this to be consensual.  If I say, is it cool if I sit here while you sleep and you say sure and then while I sit there I cut all your hair off you might be upset.  I’d say, hey you said I could be here and that kinda included whatever I planned on doing while I was here but I hadn’t really decided yet… You’d still be pissed that I cut off all your hair.  The dolls are so unaware of what they’re signing up for and in the case of Echo she’s being threatened and cornered into the contract.  Again, not not evil.  Totally evil.

We should also mention that she possesses a few of the things that are common to most if not all villains.  Awesome office with a great view? check.  Great sense of style, class and that expensive, elite air about her? check.  Great shoes?  check.  Henchmen?  Check.

Adelle has also take to using the services of the dollhouse which are in themselves inherently evil and despite the customers best intentions it’s still wrong.

Adelle DeWitt: Totally Evil



~ by doublebitch on May 7, 2009.

7 Responses to “Adelle DeWitt is EVIL”

  1. I think I need to agree with you on this. Adelle DeWtt is evil but that doesn’t make her any less enjoyable as a character. And even evil people do good things though their motives might not be as pure and lovely as good people would like to think.

  2. Wow, that picture is awesome. I still don’t think she’s evil though. Also, I don’t think the Dollhouse is evil! Ha!

  3. yeah well my argument is better than yours.

    we should put it to a vote

  4. Most of the stuff you listed isn’t evil! She’s not a good person, but that doesn’t make her evil, it makes her not good.

  5. Jerk, my dictionary tells me that the antonym of the word evil is good, not not-good. So which is it?

  6. oh see.. I like her.

  7. Allow me to make an ASCII chart:

    Very Good >>> Good >>> Neutral >>> Evil >>> Very Evil

    I’d place Adelle around the first arrow past Neutral. Maybe the second.

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