Fringe Comes Full Spiral

fringe francisWhen Fringe started, I saw the potential for an X-Filesy type of show, and I kept watching in the hopes that it would grow into that potential. Eventually it did, but with recent episodes I’ve found myself once again seeing the potential for growth (hence the spiral title, like full circle except going up, get it?). It seems like the show has been focusing more on the awesome mythology it’s built, with ZFT, Walter Bishop and William Bell’s past, the Observer, and the coming interdimensional war.

This reminds me quite a bit of Alias, how it started as more of a straight-up spy show, but by the end of the first season Rambaldi had already become one of the show’s driving forces. The fact that both shows are by JJ Abrams (as well as Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci) kind of strengthens my belief that Fringe will take a similar route as it continues. Which is really damn cool. With Alias we had a generally realistic world that would sometimes jump into scifi. This is what I want from Fringe, only moreso.

fringe boxWith this past episode we got a lot of mythology, as well as some of the most out-there scifi of the series to date with Oliva hopping between dimensions. I’m expecting this to be ramped up even more in next week’s season finale, though the question will be if Fringe will move rapidly into new and crazy territory (I really want to see that interdimensional war before the series ends), or if it will only test the waters of crazy and wild before returning to it’s hometown, like Alias did.



~ by Jerk on May 7, 2009.

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