Of Parks and Recreation

ron swansonI’ve been trying to keep up on Parks and Recreation. I haven’t watched this week’s episode yet, due to the fact that I just watched last week’s ep last night, and can’t bring myself to watch two episodes so close together. I keep wanting it to be awesome, but I’ve been let down so far. Ron Swanson (at right) is the only character I actually like, the rest just feel like lesser versions of characters from The Office.

Which is something I’ve heard repeatedly about the show: ‘it may be a worse version of The Office, but that’s still better than most sitcoms.’ I disagree, because first of all I’d say 30 Rock, HIMYM and Party Down are all better than The Office right now, and also because we already have The Office, so why would I want a lesser version and not something new?

I do like the depiction of government in the show, which is tied pretty directly to Ron Swanson, so that will keep me watching through the remainder of the season at least. But the problem is that even though I like this part, the show isn’t funny. Which is something of a problem when you’re making a comedy. It doesn’t help that Ron is a relatively minor character on the show, because I don’t find myself interested in any of the other characters, which means I’m not interested in about 85% of each episode.

P&R hasn’t lost me yet, but it hasn’t really done anything to bring me back for a second season.



~ by Jerk on May 8, 2009.

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