A Supernatural Problem

SUPERNATURALSo I think I finally figured out what’s been bugging me about Supernatural this season.  It’s not really relevant to this weeks episode but it just took me this long to figure it out.

Essentially they’ve retconned their own main plot.  Again I’m brought back to this question, What is Supernatural about?  It’s about brothers.  It’s about sexy brothers and family and essentially revenge.  The main plot has always been get the thing that got mom now get the thing that got Dean.  But Dean brought up a good point this week,  “I’m back and I’m fine”  I get that we’re doing the angels bidding and that we’re keeping the seals from being broken but when that’s all over, if they’re not all dead, where’s the plot?

When we found out that Ma was a hunter it killed the whole first two or more season’s worth of work.  Why are we out for revenge on something that was merely taking what it was due.  YED brings back John, does his bidding with Sammy years later.  Ma tries to stop this and.. well gets flattened.. on the ceiling, with fire.  Same happens with Jessica.  I guess that revenge makes sense but Ma had it coming.  So when she starts spouting off about justice, she’s not really one to talk.  Lillith is a bad little bitch but in the long run, they’ve kept her at bay.  Sure I understand the need to go get her to stop the end of the world but where’s the personal connection?

As of this week even the sexybrother bond is gone in favor of Ruby, which is what I think the fans were worried about from the start.  The thing that made them kill Bella.  I would much rather have Dean having the side fling with Bella than having crazy Demon Sam getting his vamp on with lisper surpeme.  Yes I’m being mean, but in the way of developing and growing these characters they’ve left behind, if not shreaded where the story was.

I know this is a show that will grow and will change.  I’m ready to accept that but that doesn’t keep me from being worried about where it’s going.  Maybe I really need to wait out to see the finale which I am rather unspoiled about but I really have no idea where they’re going. and I’m just not sure ‘because we don’t know how to do anything else’ is a good enough reason for them to go on.



~ by doublebitch on May 9, 2009.

9 Responses to “A Supernatural Problem”

  1. See, with their mom I don’t see it as changing things so much as retconning. I’m rewatching the pilot right now and with the knowledge that she’s a hunter I still think it works fine.

  2. Yeah I don’t think that making mom a hunter changes anything. They didn’t know that at the time so why would it matter in retrospect? Plus they would have hunted the YED down for taking Jessica anyway. It may change our view of Mary somewhat but John also didn’t know about her deal, so of course he was filled with vengeance. Plus Sam knows about Dean’s deal but he’s let vengeance carry him this far. I guess I’m biased because I am loving where the season has gone and think they’ve done some of their best work by far this year.

  3. I don’t think they are retconning anything with the changes they made to Mary’s character. I just rewatched the first season and all I see now is that Kripke was a man with a plan from the start. Things didn’t change, our view of them did. Just like with the boys finding more and more about their family history, their relationship to past events and even to their departed parents evolves as they do.

    And on completely shallow note. When exactly did Dean tell Sam about his trip to the past? I can’t remember. If it happened off screen, it just heightens the difference between the brothers, because for some reason I thought that would be the one thing Dean would want to keep to himself. I need to refresh my memory on such details.

  4. I agree with Jerk about the boys not knowing about their Mom being a hunter making the first seasons okay. I mean, in theory. It hurts my head!

    Ruby – UGH. DO NOT WANT. Bring back Jo! Or Bela! Or anyone! I even warmed up to Ana (Anna?).

    Sexy brothers need to stay together.

  5. But they didnt know what their mother was, and Azazel never said what he was going to do in 10 years, but he shows up and is over her baby, she is gonna freak and she didnt know it was him until he turned around… and the show was all about the 2 brothers trying to change things and after Azazel is killed, they find out Sam has something going on with him and they try to find out the truth. It wasnt always about TWO BROTHERS WANTING REVERNGE it was more about TWO BROTHERS SEARCH FOR THE TRUTH, which they are still doing.

  6. Pretty sure it was revenge, what with that being what drove their dad to hunt, and therefore informed how he raised them.

  7. Well the revenge may have driven their dad, bit once they found out Sam was involved, it was more about finding out what exactly the reason was for everything that had happened!

  8. ^ not saying revenge wasnt on the boys mind too, but i became more than that after a while!

  9. I dunno, I think revenge is just what comes after the truth. It’s the motive for the truth. If you tell Dean that thing 1 killed this thing 2, you can be pretty sure he’s gonna go kill the thing that killed thing 2.

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