A Salute to TV Moms!

Here for Mother’s Day is our look at some of TV’s best moms!

mom sarah connorSarah Connor has to qualify even if she is pretty tough on John a lot of the time. Anyone who can raise the future savior of mankind has to be an awesome mom, even if they don’t have time-travelling killer robots and the modern authorities to contend with. Certainly not the most traditional mother on TV, but an extraordinary man needs an extraordinary mom.

mom jean weirJean Weir is the mother of Sam and Lindsay on Freaks and Geeks, and she’s one of the most realistic mom’s ever shown on television. She provides both of her kids with love and guidance, while coming to terms with how the world’s changing and the fact that her kids are starting to grow up. She also looks exactly like one of our friends’ moms.

mom joyce summersJoyce Summers had a hard job, being the mother of our time’s chosen Slayer. At first her attempts to guide Buffy hindered her, until she finally chose to confide in her mom and tell her about her chosen destiny. Coming to grips with the fact that your daughter fights life-and-death battles with all sorts of monsters on a daily basis can’t be easy, but Joyce managed to not just do so, but to also raise two great daughters.

sandraSandra Bennet gets the shout out for best mother on Heroes.  Sure she might have a few quirks like her obsessive love of MrMuggles but when it all comes down to it she’s a good mom despite everything that’s going on.  When she’s not drugged and clueless she’s the real back bone of the Bennet family and somehow keeps what’s his name in line all while being there for her mischief finding daughter.  Lets face it, she doesn’t have an easy job putting up with HRG and Claire.  We’d cuddle the dog too.  Things aren’t looking so good for her marriage these days but it doesn’t change the way she supports her kids.  Not to mention there’s always an endless supply of waffles around thanks to her.

sandraMartha Kent, oh boy!  Now there’s a real, amazing mom.  It’s widely credited to her sweet soul, that superman turned out the way he did.  She was always supportive and even though she may have had her little flings with the Luthors..kinda and maybe took off to Washington to never be heard or seen again, she’s such a great and lasting character.  Each time there’s a scene in the Kent farmhouse I can’t help but think of her.  Always there to share in the hardships of human emotion and to offer a table full of food to whatever freak Clark might have dragged into the house that week, Martha Kent is the kind of mom everyone dreams of.

sandraHaley James-Scott makes the list mostly because she’s the only young TV mom I could think of.  I think there are good and bad things about Haley James-Scott as a mom.  First off, she shows that you can be a young mother and have a career and friends.  Haley does it all.  Granted, we should remember the kids been kidnapped, ran away and almost drowned in the pool in the past year and a half.  The Scott’s much like OTH in general are really lucky to have such a great son but Haley and Nathan always make time to make sure their son knows how loved he is, where he’s come from and who his family and friends are.

Happy Mother’s Day!

[note from DB – after I put in the sandra picture wordpress just kept putting it in again instead of letting me change it, I figure its fate.  Sandra needs a little extra love today anyway.]


~ by Jerk on May 10, 2009.

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