I Think Castle is Pulling a RTB

Tonight is the finale to the first season of Castle, and while I’ve seriously loved the show, it doesn’t feel like it’s been building up to anything that would work as a finale. The only thing I can think of (which may already be known, I’ve purposely not looked up any episode descriptions) is something having to do with Castle looking into the murder of Beckett’s mom.

If this happens then both Raising the Bar and Castle have had shorter first seasons that I really enjoyed but didn’t have proper finales, and in both cases they’re shows where the main draw is the great characters, the amazing performances the actors bring to those characters, and their interpersonal relationships. Both made a point of fleshing out the lesser background characters who could potentially be used for nothing more than a means of providing exposition.castle face

The strange thing was that I found this annoying with RTB, but with Castle I’m okay with it possibly having a weak finale. The shows being so similar makes me think that it’s my perception of what you need for a good finale that’s changed in the last few months. These shows focus on character, and as such they aren’t really suited to having big climactic end-of-season setpieces, or shocking cliffhangers leading into the summer break. As such they become shows where the season finale is no more important than any other episode, and the concept of ‘big’ episodes doesn’t apply (srsly, try to think of a single episode of either show that stands out as required, there aren’t any).

I guess my highschool viewing of Buffy and X-Files and Alias just gave me a certain mindset for shows that I wasn’t ready to see change back in November.



~ by Jerk on May 11, 2009.

6 Responses to “I Think Castle is Pulling a RTB”

  1. great picture and I’ll go with you on this considering I didn’t even know it was the finale. If I had, I might have actually watched live last night instead, i was so fed up with One Tree Hill – yes I know my own fault for watching, that I had to turn off my TV.

    I think more so with Castle than with RTB, it’s the serialized format that makes the “all are equal” equation apply. They’ve actually achieved a show you can just tune into and be really eff’n entertained. But even with RTB they’re ‘case’ based shows. They ride on the cop/law drama boat but are just.. better?

  2. Very astute call and like you said, it doesn’t bother me at all with Castle. Because the show is so much about the characters and their relationships, I don’t really need an action cliffhanger. Now I get to hope it’s coming back and to wonder if things will change between the two characters. I won’t be anymore specific than that cause you guys haven’t watched it yet!

  3. After watching the finale, I’d have to say that it was a standard Castle ep, with like two scenes thrown in that gave it a finale-ish feel.

  4. Personally I think it leaves allot for people to hope for in seeing a second season. The relationship between Becket and Mr FBI, the relationship between her and castle. What really happened to her mom/how she is going to take the info. Is his daughter going to see this guy again? I recall reading about how you did not totally believe the relationship between him and his daughter, and do not know where your coming from at all. I personally love the relationship they have, and with the mother wrapped into it all, it works amazing. The way I look at this show is I am watching a murder mystery movie, every time! Its amazing, with amazing actors all round.

  5. You may be remembering incorrectly, sir.

  6. hands down Castle and his Daughter are one of the best tv family relationships.

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