Does Smallville Have 2 More Years?

6a00f48ceb12560003011016662ed0860d-500piThe beautiful Allison Mack has been running around spreading the news that of course we’d never hear from the horses mouth, Tom Welling is signed on for TWO MORE seasons of Smallville – rounding out the show at a full ten years/seasons.  Mack has said she’s contracted for one more.  You’d think she could have kept that one in the bag for another week so we could still hold our breath for her in the finale.  It could be a deek but knowing Allison’s truth and love personality she’s probably telling the truth.  That doesn’t mean she won’t fake out die though, again.

Either way it make the grand Chloe exodus before the end of the show, something for years I would have told you would crash and burn the whole production but now I’m not so sure.  We’ve talked about before how this past season and a bit have wrecked havoc on the Chloe we once knew and loved, maybe it’ll be time to see her go.

I’ve had Clark, Chloe and the gang in my life longer than I’ve kept in touch with a lot of friends.  I don’t think it’s unreasonable to be ready to move on.  When the show comes to a close potentially at the end of season 10 I think we’ll all be ready to part.  Honestly, I had accepted the show ending at any time for about 4 years now anyway.

So will it get to 10 seasons when every other loved show on the air is getting canceled?  Yep.  It sure will.  Dawn and the team at the CW are slowly drowning and Smallville along with AMNT are the only floaties they’ve got left.  Okay maybe Gossip Girl too.  That’s not to say these are the best shows on the network, they’re not but they bring in viewers and hold the stability of the lineup.  If a dead old show like One Tree Hill is going to continue without it’s arguably two main characters, Smallville will be back.

People won’t stop tuning in to Smallville, like I said, it’s been a part of our lives for 8 years now.  We know and love the characters and every single viewer wants to see if they’ll convince Welling to put on the tights.  This past few weeks we’ve really started to see some of the great Lois and Clark chemistry that we all imagine them having in the places the show will never go.  Is the show about Smallville anymore? no.  Is it about a young Clark Kent?  hardly.  But it’s still about characters we love on a desperate network.  I wonder what this says about a season 6 for Supernatural?



~ by doublebitch on May 12, 2009.

4 Responses to “Does Smallville Have 2 More Years?”

  1. Kirkpe’s had a planned ending all along, while they’re just making up Smallville season by season, so I don’t see any chance of a sixth season of SPN.

    I also have to say, the possibility of two more seasons now sounds better to me then an eighth season did at this time last year, just because of what an awesome job they’ve done.

    But please please PLEEEEAAASSEEEE kill off Jimmmy.

  2. While I think they’ve done a better job this year than they haven for a long time I’m not really feeling the overall “Seasonness” of this year. Maybe it’s because everything else is in retrospect but something still feels off.

  3. I think it’s less ‘off’ as ‘evolving’, they’ve finally realized that the style they had for the first 4-ish seasons just doesn’t work anymore, and it’s better for it, but they haven’t quite figured out what it needs to be instead, if that makes sense.

  4. Ugh, Smallville just keeps coming back. I’m so behind on the show anyway but it seriously needs to die already. Eh, I’ll watch as long as Allison Mack stays.

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