Please Stop Doing That

himym ted lookWhile HIMYM has been hands-down the best sitcom of the current television season, but it has this annoying habit that it still hasn’t managed to shake. Every once in a while they’ll have an episode where Bob Saget’s voiceover will mention how this episode is a vital, nay essential step in the meeting of the fabled Your Mother. In early seasons, this was kinda fun. It was like throwing out little clues the audience could use to try and figure out who the mother would be.

However it’s now become obvious that there was no mother for all of these hints to point to, because other than the main cast there really haven’t been any lasting recurring characters who could possibly be the mother. Every time they introduce one, they’re around for a few episodes and then leave. This hasn’t stopped the show from still doing these ‘essential step’ episodes though.

himym hallwayEpisode 4.22 was the worst for this yet. The entire episode was Ted replaying all of the events that brought him to a specific street corner at a specific time, and how if any of these events had occurred differently he wouldn’t have met the mother. Then we get to 4.23, the plotline involving who he met on the corner is resolved, and (shock!) no mother. Not only was there no mother, it didn’t even lead to the introduction of a new female character with mother possibilities.

I realize that bringing the mother into the show will limit the time the series has remaining (sure they can meet, date, break up, date again, etc but if they keep that going for season after season it’ll turn Friends-y), so I understand why we haven’t seen her yet. But the show is hilarious and awesome as it is, you don’t need to keep dangling that mother carrot in front of the viewers to keep them interested.



~ by Jerk on May 13, 2009.

One Response to “Please Stop Doing That”

  1. I really get annoyed now by the ‘vital mother’ episodes because nothing comes from them! Apparently Stella might introduce Ted to someone. But apparently that isn’t happening right away. Who knows? I’m less interested in the mother stuff than in all of the other characters. :X

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