Yes, We get it.

The Fringe finale was quite fun, full of all the multiversial goodness I was hoping for, and topped off with some Nimoy (a little less than I wanted, but he’ll be back next season so it’s all good) but there was one glaring problem I saw with the episode. They quite clearly stated things, then spent the next ten minutes having the characters slowly learn said things so that they could be slowly explained to the audience, just in case it wasn’t completely obvious to us.

fringe half a truckLet’s look at the scene where David Robert Jones first tries to open a dimensional rift (which was extremely clear, but was yet another thing that was slowly explained to us), which ends with the following dialogue: “It’s too thick here, these are the wrong coordinates. Try again, please.” Now maybe it’s just me but from that I got ‘the veil between dimensions wasn’t thin enough to make a stable portal at this location’, yet it takes about half the episode and another attempted interdimensional portal for the cast (even the smart, science-y ones) to figure this out.

The same thing holds true for Peter’s secret. Since an early episode (pretty sure it’s the first Observer ep) I’ve kept ‘what is Peter’s secret?’ in the back of my mind as I’ve watched the show. As soon as we started getting the parallel dimensions playing a bigger role I started to wonder about this (the Observer being tied to both other dimensions and Peter was a big clue), and with one little line about how he ‘lost something’, Walter told us exactly what the secret was. And then again with the talk about coin collecting in the car. And then again again with the grave visit. Just in case you’d stepped out for part of the episode and missed it somehow.

fringe twin towers fuck yeahI’m now going to continue my longrunning tradition of comparing Fringe to other JJ shows by saying it should take some notes from the Lost playbook RE: the assumption of audience intelligence. Few shows have so consistently only given us the information we need to figure something out instead of hammering us over the head with it by making the characters plainly state things as Lost has. Was the word psychic ever used in connection with Walt (WAAAAAAAAAAALTTT!!!) on the show? I can’t remember that happening.

Fringe has a great premise and a great cast, I’d just like a little more showing and a little less telling when it comes to the plot twists, please. Science fiction usually has a pretty brainy fanbase, after all.



~ by Jerk on May 14, 2009.

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