The Jimmy Olsen Problem

49217I hear ya, I was there too.  On my couch groaning about the way too obvious nudge towards the future of “The Jimmy Olsen”.  While I still have questions about the nature of Davis Bloom and what exactly happened to his body, (did they just dump him in the lake?)  I’m glad Jimmy got the sendoff I was hoping for him.  Something nice an at least noted, more than we can say for Lionel or Lex, but the important part was that he had to die.  I wish they hadn’t bothered sort of getting him and Chloe back together.  I found that slightly disappointing.  Chloe’s stronger than that and I’m pretty sure the word “Divorce” was thrown around a few weeks back.

I think they could have made this entire idea so much stronger by having his baby brother in another episode previous to this.  Any episode at all.  And while I’m at it, can I just mention that this episode had the worst child actors Smallville’s ever seen.  They have a track record of having amazing kids, Colin Ford anyone?  or that little red head girl who broke glass in the episode Tom directed, both those kids were amazing.   These two not so much with way less expected of them.  Oh well, they’re just kids.

All that said, I think it was the right thing to do.  I think it works and it works well.  I may have groaned a little at the time but it was perfect.  It also adds to the timelessness that is Clark Kent and prolongs the line of this series even though it’s always had a future, now it has a future with us.

Other thoughts:  Watchtower was a very cool transition and finally allows us to let go of the talon and all the Lana juice that’s all over it.  Clark’s moving on, it’s time the show did too.  So I liked this.  I think they’ve put huge potential into the Lois storyline and I’m actually really happy with Clark’s decisions.  For once, they make sense! The way  he disappeared was a little strange and the high school drama production choreography that Chloe went into after that was a little odd but over all I liked it.  We had the epic explosion as per a usual Smallville sendoff and the shout out at the end was perfect.  It was cliffhanger-y but not like we’re used to seeing, which is another nice change from the new administration.

I had started to wonder if I’d continue to keep up with Smallville for the next two seasons but if they keep this up, I’m sure I will.



~ by doublebitch on May 15, 2009.

One Response to “The Jimmy Olsen Problem”

  1. I was very happy with the Jimmy ness, he was back to being how he should be and not sucking. Kinda wish Ollie had a chance to throw Clark a ‘told you so’ look at the funeral though.

    And yeah, what was up with Clark’s slow-mo fade away?

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