Holy Crap (Watch SPN Finale Before Reading)

The fourth season of Supernatural has ended, and holy crap what an finale! From a shocking opening (I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought Azazel was back somehow, or had a brother, or something) to a shockinger ending that changes everything, but kinda had some weird harmony with what’s happened before.

spn finale 01Let’s take a trip back to the spring of 2007, when the second season ended. We’d had an overarching storyline for two seasons that had just been wrapped up that saw the endgame of YED’s plan, which the boys weren’t able to stop as an entire demon army was unleashed from hell. It seemed like the end of ‘SPN volume one’ as everything that had been happening up until that point was finished with.

Now jump back to 2009. Turns out we were so very wrong, and opening the hell gate was merely a step of Azazel’s plan, a way to free Lilith from hell. His actual plan wasn’t completed until now, and once again the boys didn’t stop it, and once again something was freed from hell. At least this time it’s only one thing! And we thought that the status quo for the show had been changed with a demon army on Earth! Now we’re going into the final season with Lucifer and the apocalypse. This was very much a companion to the second season finale, just way, way worse.

And just in case the apocalypse wasn’t bad enough, I’m willing to bet that the angellic higher-ups aren’t going to be too pleased with Dean and Cas after they tried to stop…. uh, I guess not God’s plan, someone else’s plan. Who’s in charge up there, who’s second in command? Jesus? Did Jesus order the apocalypse to happen? I’m getting off topic, spn finale 02the point is whoever is up there, they won’t be happy. But will their anger outweigh the need to have Dean defeat Lucifer (how’s that going to work, anyway? I hope it’s a race, Dean in the Impala and Lucy in like a ’71 Challenger or something. That would be pretty awesome) and bring about paradise on Earth?

I’m hoping we’ll have more of a tightly knit team for the final season, instead of the boys and varying guest stars. Let’s have Sam, Dean, Bobby, Cas, Anna, maybe Chuck, all working together to try not to die/also stop Lucifer. Also, JDM please.

So far no finale has me more stoked for the next season than SPN, and there are only a few finales left. I can’t even begin to guess where the show is going to go for the final year.



~ by Jerk on May 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “Holy Crap (Watch SPN Finale Before Reading)”

  1. I am so pleased. I’m not happy i had to wait this long for something to make sense but i’m pleased. My issue before was that I didnt know where it was going. We still dont know but it’s a way better not knowing than this. What we’ve re-established is the brother union and I just wasnt sure they could reasonably do it. And within the realms of what i could have imagined happening, they couldnt have done it but that finale wasnt anything near what I would have guessed or imagined, so Kripke wins yet again.

  2. Oh yes. It’s going to be a painful summer waiting to see what happens next.

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