Okay, I’ll Be Back For A Second Season

parks 01Last time I posted about Parks & Recreation, I’d only seen the first four episodes. Things weren’t looking good for my continued interest in the show (any time watching a show feels like work, that’s not good) but the final two episodes of the season were significantly better. The fifth episode I found genuinely funny, and the same with the finale to a lesser extent.

This wasn’t all that changed in those two episodes. I stated before that I liked the portrayal of politics on the show, but it wasn’t funny and the show’s a comedy. With episodes five and six (well mainly five, there wasn’t much in the way of political content in 1.06) the political bits were genuinely amusing, which is really good. I think that’s what P&R will need to do more consistently to continue as a series, or at least to keep me personally watching.

parks 02Another plus for the final episodes is Aziz finally being funnier, which is something I was kinda expecting to be happening from the start of the series. I first found out about Aziz way back before Human Giant even started, with the videos he’d post on his blog (most notable being Clell Tickle: Indie Marketing Guru) so I thought he’d be playing my favourite character. That title still belongs to Ron Swanson, but at least Tom’s been funnier in these last episodes.

I’d still rank P&R the lowest out of the comedies I watch, but it improved enough for me to bother checking it out in the fall, which is a step in the right direction.



~ by Jerk on May 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “Okay, I’ll Be Back For A Second Season”

  1. how did you post this without me seeing you on?

    ummm yeah, I’m probably still not gonna watch this.

  2. S’okay, I’d definitely say you should start watching HIMYM regularly instead.

    I’ve also heard Eastbound and Down is really good, I’ma watch the first season of that over the summer sometime. But first, Alias season two!

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