Now Something a Little Different

While most of the time we at J/DB stick with shows on television, sometimes we take some time to talk about shows that air on this here interweb. What we have here isn’t really a show per se, actually it’s more of a really amazing series of commercials, the ‘Meet the Team‘ series Valve has been making for Team Fortress 2, here’s the latest release, Meet the Spy:

Machinima is a term used to refer to videos made using video game engines (Red vs Blue is another good and popular example), and it’s a practice that has become more common as the quality of animation and level of model detail available in game engines has increased. The Meet the Team series began with a single video (Meet the Heavy) which was released as an ad for TF2 before it was released, but due to the overwhelmingly positive response Valve decided to continue the series, showcasing each of the nine classes in the game as well as the occasional extra video (like Meet the Sandvich).

It’s now been two years since the first video was released, and the Meet the Team series is not only a brilliant example of machinima, but a wonderful advertising scheme and a great platform for showing off both the Source engine and the quality of the TF2 models (yes, those are all made with in-game graphics and character models). It’s widely hoped that after the final Meet the Team video is released, Valve will release their Source Filmmaker program to the public, which I think would be an invaluable tool for independent 3D animators and filmmakers.

Here’s the link to the TF2 page again, check them all out. They’re really the best of a new artform.



~ by Jerk on May 18, 2009.

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