The Lost Finale

lost whole statueYeah, I know it’s been almost a week, but I was mulling, ‘kay? I’m pretty torn on how I feel about the season five finale. Overall, I’d say this has been my favourite season of Lost, even better than the first. And all along, Lost has had some really excellent finales, they’ve always been amazing (The Hatch opened! The Hatch exploded! Not Penny’s Boat! Moved the Island!). Yet somehow my favourite season had my least favourite finale.

Actually, the weird good/bad thing will be something of a theme for this post. Like the rest of the second half of this season, the finale was split between the present (well, show-present, 2007) and the Dharma 1977 storylines. Leading up to the finale I was liking the Dharma storyline more, but with the introduction of the Jacob and Other Guy stuff, the present storyline became far more interesting. Unfortunately, the show continued to focus more on the Dharma arc.

Which isn’t to say that the Dharma arc was bad (well, the flip-flopping on the bomb was a bit annoying), what it did with some of the characters was awesome, not to mention all that rockin’ seventies hair everyone had. It’s just that the whole Jacob thing brought up so very very many questions. Did he send Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sayid into the past? When they said ‘someone else’ was using the cabin, would that be Other Guy? lost julietDoes Jack’s dad represent him? Is Claire with Other Guy? Does the smoke monster work for Other Guy, because if it doesn’t does that mean Jacob ordered Ben to listen to Other Locke? On a similar note, why did Jacob revive Locke? Who was he talking about when he said ‘they’re coming’? To me this was exponentially more interesting than the nuke.

Which of course is exactly why they didn’t focus on it. Lost has a longrunning tradition of showing you things that are amazing and thought provoking, and then going back to Jack and Kate being lame. So in conclusion: I don’t know if I really liked the finale or care about the bomb, yet I’m really psyched for the final season. See? That weird good/bad thing.



~ by Jerk on May 19, 2009.

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