Rewatching 24: Part 2

24-logoIt took a while to work our way through season six (more on why further down this post), but we got through it just in time to buy season seven! Fun little fact: 24 season 7 is the first time ever a show has been released on DVD the day after the season finale. This post covers what I consider the ‘second stage’ of 24’s lifespan. The first three seasons have a quantifiably different feel to them from Days four through six, which in turn are different from the most recent season. More on this in the next post in this series, when I’ll be throwing out all sorts of odds and ends about Bauer & Co.

24 s4Season four changed places in my ranking of the seasons when I watched it a second time. At first I liked it quite a bit more than the third season, but I found that season held up much better when rewatched. Season four starts off quite promising with a very strong premiere episode, but it quickly falls apart. Jack robbing a gas station? Come on. But that isn’t the worst thing, no that would be Erin Driscoll. 24 has a longrunning tradition of having people not trust Jack for whatever reason, but the thing with Driscoll is she doesn’t have a good reason. She’s just illogically anti-Bauer. The season gets better as it continues, though the big bad Habib Marwan seems to have a ridiculous number of close calls and alternate plans. One nice thing was that Audrey Raines wasn’t nearly as annoying as I remember her being, and in fact Paul Raines was sort of awesome. However, Edgar Stiles was much worse than I remembered him being. It’s kind of surprising to realize that the end of this season is the last time we’ve seen Mandy, I think she’s due to make a return in season eight. I also forgot how much I loved Sky President, who spent the entire season (and I like to think his entire presidency) flying around on Air Force One.

24 s5Season five also changed in my ranking, the first time through I liked season two slightly more, but now I think I like this one slightly more. I think this is because the two things I had issues with in this season have been fixed through season seven. I really love Logan as the villain, in his swanky country mansion with it’s fancy moat and stable for hiding/beating Aaron Pierce in. Jack versus RoboCop is also probably the best enmity the show has come up with since Nina. It also benefits from not having the standard ‘career-driven jackass’ working at CTU (well, I guess there’s that one guy who works with Karen Hayes, but he got falsely accused of sexual harassment, so that evens out). Instead we got Samwise McGill who had one of my favourite character arcs.

24 s6Season six was by far my least favourite season upon first viewing, but I have to say how surprised I was to watch it again and see that… actually I think it was worse this time around. I was hoping being able to rush through the season would help, but it turns out that’s not even an option. Both Mawds and I found the following happening: we’d be watching some 24, and when the end credits started up we’d think ‘holy crap, we’ve only made it through one episode so far? Goddammit.’ and then we’d have to stop for the day. Because of this it took a very long time to work our way through the season. Despite having the worst plot of the series and Morris O’Brian, the season does have some great characters. Mike Doyle is a favourite of mine, and Tom Lennox was so good I’m actually disappointed they couldn’t work him into season seven. I have no idea how someone like Noah Daniels ended up a running mate for Wayne Palmer (who I really don’t see as presidential material), but despite that he’s a great character. It’s really only the villains who sucked this season, character-wise. And Morris. At least the season wraps up Audrey’s role in the series nicely, although they could have just pulled a Kate Warner or a Lynne Kresge to get her off the show and it would have been fine, if there’s one thing the real time format is good for, it’s having characters walk away never to be seen again.

Next up: rewatching 24: Redemption and season seven, as well as my other thoughts on the series as a whole, or on characters, or whatever comes to mind!



~ by Jerk on May 20, 2009.

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  1. I mention my ranking a couple times, maybe I should actually give that, huh? From best to worst:

    7, 5, 2, 3, 4, 1, 6.

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