Party Down Out-Offices The Office

Party Down; Episode 101I kinda wanted to talk about the finale of The Office, but I knew I’d have some sort of ness connecting it to Party Down, so I had to wait for that finale because that’s how my brain works. Best to not question my brain workings, that way lies madness. Annnnnyway, I’ll start with The Office finale.

It was really good (I’m trying to hammer out a top ten list of my favourite finales from this year, it’s on the list still at this point) yet it also cemented some of my problems with the show of late. First of all, we have the Michael/Holly stuff which was awesome. Unfortunately it’s not the status quo, despite how having Holly around makes Michael so much better (without having to come up with storylines like he’s started his own company). Without her I find Michael much less interesting, and the same really goes for… well everyone except for Jim and Pam. Even if they’re amusing, none of the other characters really provide any incentive to office finalepush The Office to the top of the Thursday night queue. And even Jim and Pam have some issues, as over the course of season five they’ve made their relationship a bit too perfect. I think The Office has been evolving towards a natural ending point, I don’t see how it can have more than a season left at this point. That’s not true, what I mean is I don’t see it having more than one good season left.

Party Down, meanwhile, is like the fresh, new, R-rated version of The Office, with tons of great characters who you do care about (I’m going to come out and say this right here: Ron Donald > Michael Scott) which has so many different directions it can head in. After this week’s finale the first thing that comes to my mind is uncertainty, because I honestly don’t know where it will go, or even who will be back for season two. This is something that The Office has been lacking for a while now, it’s really fallen into a groove for the last season.

checking out takei's wangI’ve made it clear that Parks & Recreation has been somewhat of a tough sell for me so it isn’t surprising that Party Down has done The Office style comedy better than P&R, but I am kind of shocked at how much better it’s done it than The Office has.  It’s like s2-s3 era Office, plus fuck and penis. And KBell.

It’s Forgetting Sarah Marshall and The Office stuck together with a Rob Thomas-y adhesive. Plus some Paul Rudd and a splash of Fred Savage. Wow this is just turning into an ad for Party Down so I’ma stop now.


P.S.  Tina Majorino in season two pls.


~ by Jerk on May 24, 2009.

2 Responses to “Party Down Out-Offices The Office”

  1. I haven’t watched the finale yet so I’ll be doing that soon, but good points, all of them. Also, Tina got a pilot picked up so we’ll be seeing her somewhere at least!

  2. I might have fought you on Ron>Michael up until the episode where he had a giant cock. That was one of the best character development scenes I’ve ever seen.

    You just can’t beat the cast on Party Down. With the office I really couldnt say I knew any of them but Steve before the office but partydown is stacked with actors and guests that I’ve loved for years. win win

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