Are The TV Networks Actually Getting It?

I gently borrowed that headline from our dear friend over at The Three S’s.  She gave a rundown of the favorite shows that will be returning for a sophomore year and wondered if maybe the networks are catching on.  I think I’m going to have to disagree.

This morning I woke up to a tweet about a campaign to save Samantha Who and while I do love Barry Watson we have to draw the line somewhere.  Fans have seen that they have power, finally.  Fans of shows like Chuck and Jerrico have made big statements to the big wigs and they’ve at least been noted if they were not successful.  It’s our one way to get through beyond blogs and forums.  The biggest movement of this was probably during the Writers Strike when truckloads of pencils were dropped off at network headquarters in the name of shows we love but much like the fund-raising industry, this will eventually get old.

I’m over people running and walking to raise m0ney for everything they can think of and like wise, eventually if tv fans continue to petition and organize behind just any show the impact will be lost.

Woo! I got a little side tracked there.  Are they getting it?  No.  They’re learning exactly what we’re learning, as we’re learning it.  They’re seeing that when they let us have a little bit of power they get really excited, we rally behind them and hand them all kinds of good press for their shows.  So why not lean back on programs, tell people you’re going to cancel them to round up some noise.  Some great shows were kept going this year, Castle and Chuck to name a few but some good ones were canceled too.  Reaper and Eli Stone, SCC, The Unusuals and Kings were never even given a chance.  Then you’ve got stuff like One Tree Hill being given another season, 90210 and Melrose Place? ick.  Heroes was handed a silver spoon renewal they didn’t deserve.

I’m rambling, but what I’m trying to say is that they’re getting it, but not the it that we’re hoping for.  They’re learning to work the new hyper-involved audiences better than they know how to manipulate their line-ups.  I expect to see this make some both heartbreaking and insulting moves in the future.

-DoubleBitch aka DebbieDowner


~ by doublebitch on May 25, 2009.

6 Responses to “Are The TV Networks Actually Getting It?”

  1. Oh, interesting perspective, alarming but you know, your analysis makes good sense. But, that won’t stop us from trying to save Reaper, even if we are playing into their hands! We think that Reaper syndication is still alive for Season Three; but need fan support! All details here!

  2. See, this is a show that we as fans really shouldn’t be trying to save. Yes I love Reaper, but if somehow we got a third season it wouldn’t be the show we wanted it to be. Tyler Labine’s gone, as are the creators. Besides, it feels like they’ve set up a good series finale for us tomorrow. The CW already listened to the Reaper fans, that’s why we got a second season.

  3. Actually no. Tyler’s not gone, and the creators are *still* involved. You might want to check out these links:

  4. Ah, well, we’ve heard that Tyler’s new show got held for midseason on Fox to see what happens with Reaper, since he’s bound by the Reaper contract first. And, at the fansite we heard from Tara Butters that even tho she and Michele signed a contract with Fox, they have a clause to continue to consult with Reaper if it gets another season. Info at the links below. This still might not make a difference to some viewers, but I for one think the show can only improve from here…Anyway thanks for even mentioning Reaper!

  5. Speaking of networks…
    That’s all I care to know..

  6. wow! thank you so much for that.

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