Audience Participation

Pointing at YouWell it’s summertime, and you know what that means! No, not going outside, with that sun thing in the air even more hours, casting it’s terrible, terrible glare onto our TVs and monitors. No, it’s time for more television! We’ve got some goodies coming our way like new Leverage, RtB and True Blood but we need more than that (no really we do, or else we shan’t have ness for the blog)! Summer is the time for rewatching beloved series, finally watching those older shows we’ve missed but picked up on DVD, and of course watching those modern gems that we havn’t managed to fit into our standard schedule. Here are our current summer watchness plans:

Jerk’s plan
-finishing Alias (currently on season two)
-finally watching the last few eps of Roswell he’s been meaning to get to since last fall
-Eastbound & Down

DoubleBitch’s plan
-waiting for Jerk to finish Alias so I can watch it
– telling Jerk ‘I told you so’ a hundred times about the win of Journeyman
-finish up the random half seasons of Angel I’m missing
-purchase and rewatch season 4 of Queer as Folk

Okay, now for the reason this post is called audience participation. Feel free to list of any other shows (preferably not huge ones, we’re not going to watch all of ST:TNG this summer) that you think we’d like (or at least find meaty post-bits in). Mad Men? Big Love? Breaking Bad? Burn Notice? The Wire? These are all possibilities for us, any help in choosing would be much apprec! Wow, that is not a shorform that works in print, huh?

-Jerk & DoubleBitch


~ by Jerk on May 26, 2009.

13 Responses to “Audience Participation”

  1. The Wire was excellent TV. I watched all 5 seasons last summer and I was thrilled with it. Gritty and raw and real cop stuff. Cops vs. drug dealers and sometimes you really and truly like the drug dealers. I highly recommend it.

  2. Im thinking maybe some season 1 Chuck, giving The Unusuals a little bit more of a chance and oh i had one more oh maybe harpers island

  3. I love Harper’s Island. It’s stupid but it’s awesome at the same time. I kept on waiting for them to notice more and more people missing and get worried. Excellent.

    Chuck is of course made of win but I’m dumping The Unusuals. I don’t think it got picked up so why bother getting attached?

    I’m going to watch Mad Men this summer and hopefully hit some of Angel.

  4. see thats where im at with a lot of shows. If they didnt get picked up why make the commitment?

    I’ve been wanting to buy HBO’s Carnival for a long time now oh and I need to finish Kings which was also canned.

  5. See, I just think of them as miniseries or something. I mean some of my favourite shows I didn’t see until after they’d been canceled. Freaks and Geeks, Firefly, Roswell. I usually find it harder to start watching a current show, because then I’m going to have to add it to the already huge number of show’s I watch once I’m caught up.

  6. Stargate Atlantis

  7. I’ve seen the first season! I’ll pick up the others eventually.

  8. I was thinking of watching Pushing Daisies this summer… if I have time from the extensive reading I’m engaged in.

  9. Torchwood, Seasons 1 and 2 because
    Season 3 starts July 20 on BBC America.

    and you’ll love this, I think.

  10. I watched the first couple eps of Torchwood. I really want to be into it but i cant get over this feeling that you need to be a Dr Who fan to really get it. am I wrong on that?

  11. Knowledge of Dr Who helps but it really isn’t that essential. Maybe the set up would be easier to digest and some of Captain Jack’s history is lost without Dr Who, but not that much. Usually the end of Torchwood season ties in with the big finale’s of Dr Who, so watching those might help.

    But even if you knew nothing about Dr Who, Captain Jack and Ianto more than make up for it. Though I don’t think I can forgive them for killing two of my favourite characters and not the one I loathe…

  12. I know nothing and haven’t watched any of the new Dr. Who, so I’d say you don’t need to know it. It was off to a slow start, and Gwen starts out as a real twit but develops rather nicely. My fave episode of Season 1 is Episode 12, where we find out so much about Captain Jack, and it has the hottest boy/boy kiss I’ve ever seen on tv, so I rooted for it completely after that. 😉

    Love your blog, I came here for the Twinings commercials and found so much more to stay and visit.

  13. Thank you so much! I’ll have to add it to my list of things to get started on this summer. I mean, I kinda even liked Flash Gordon so it cant be any worse than that.

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