John and Kate breed Hate

epeightmisbehavinMaybe I just have a fitting handle but I don’t give a fuck about your babies.  That doesn’t mean I don’t like kids.  I like kids alright.  Kids who act?  Even better but what I don’t want to see if an hour a week dedicated to how you’ve never heard of birth control.

The buzz of the tv blogs this week is John and Kate plus 8.  A show about a family with 8 children.  The plot?  Watch us try to look after 8 kids and marvel at us like circus freaks.  I’m all for being interested in anomalies.  I love documentaries of the strange.  I’m not even against reality tv.  There are some really entertaining reality shows out there but for 9 million people to be tuning in to see what a family on the brink of dysfunction does on a normal day?  I just can’t take it.

Then there’s the Mormon baby factory show, talks of the octomom getting her own hour, there were more before and will be more long after but this is not, to me, television.   Who finds screaming children relaxing and entertaining.  People have long argued that we’re turning our brains to mush watching tv, this is the kind of programming they’re talking about.

I love Dog the Bounty Hunter, I even enjoy Little People, Big World but dont ask me to watch your masses of children go to the zoo or the dentist.  It’s an abuse of the medium and an abuse of the ‘we’ll watch anything’ public.

– DoubleBitch


~ by doublebitch on May 27, 2009.

3 Responses to “John and Kate breed Hate”

  1. it has little to nothing to do with poor planning. Jon and Kate plus 8 is not a woops we ended up with 8 kids (like the duggers from 18 kids and counting). Its the story of a young family who without the miracle of fertility drugs would not be able to have children. Its the development of the kids, and the lives of the family… its “real”. Its no different than a sitcom, other than the kids are so called “un-scripted”.. which, if you ask anyone who watches the show, is bullshit because those kids are comic gold. I’m not saying you can’t hate on the parents relationship, because well, they’re terribly matched, but leave the kids out of it. Any kid will act out when given a camera or any recording devise. How else do you explain home movies? if anyone watched those are factual evidence as to what kids are like all the time… they’d have ever child ever on some hard core downers. that said.. think about Americas funniest home videos.. thats all J&K+8 is. Just with better camera work and stupid mariage woes. Jon and Kate are the huge news makers right now, and thats what makes it all annoying… his inability to tollerate his wife anymore, and her ability to out bitch even the bitchiest of double bitches. I think the show would be much better off if it were just the kids, but well as seen in the simpsons, babies in the zoo plus lazer show sounds awesome… but dosent work out so well. Watch the first half hour of the show becuase thats just the kids being hillarious and giving us amazing quotes like ” It’s a ‘noceros-potamus!” and “You’re not gonna be a good mommy”, then turn it off because all it is after that is J&K sitting on a chair talking about how hard their life, partly funded by oprah, is. TLC is full of shit like this show, if you like one, you like them all, sadly. And personally, I love TLC and I love the gosslin sextuplets. AIDEN IS MY BUDDY DAMN IT

  2. you know when you get pregnant with 900 babies they offer you the option to kill off a few of ’em right? nobody said she had to have 900 babies. I dont get who thought this was a good idea. You know to each their own but their own is not on my TV.

    I’m by no means harping on the kids. I’m looking at the parents who put their kids on tv. How messed up do you think they’re gonna be from this? Are they on TV because it’s going to give them a better life? I dont know about that.

    That said I effin loved KidNation.

  3. I have to say, as a facebook friend who corresponds daily with froggie from the little rascals… sometimes they turn out to be regular people. But could you imagine 8 asian danny bonaduces? *shudder*

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