Reaper's (Probable) Ending

reaper finale 01Reaper’s second season came to an end last night, and it was a damn good episode. The dancing monkey bit was probably my favourite scene with the Devil since his talk about God over ice cream in the first season, and Sock hopped up on toad was one of his best scenes as well. Even Andi got a great scene when she was trashed. It was interesting to see Steve stepping in for Tony (as I’d assume Ken Marino was busy with Party Down by the time they were filming this episode), even if it seems like a strange direction to take the show. Kinda SPNing it, really. Which is not what I was expecting from this finale at all.

See, it seemed like they’d set up a scenario that would work both as a season finale and a series finale which is what I would have gone with considering the show was lucky to get a second season in the first place. I could so rant about how it makes no sense for the CW to bring the show back only to bury it at the back of the season, but we all know the CW isn’t known for making good decisions. Um, where was I? Oh yeah, so anyway I was definitely not expecting the finale to SPN with all sorts of mythology and destiny stuff like it did. I mean it was really good, but it really doesn’t make for a good series finale. By the time they were working on 2.13 they had to have seen where the CW had shoved the show.

reaper finale 02Now I know I know, the show isn’t 100% dead yet and could maybe kinda possibly sorta come back. But honestly, it’s a show with a very small if loyal fanbase, some awkward scheduling to keep one of the main cast members, and creators who have other commitments. If a much simpler pickup like Angel never materialized, I really can’t see this one happening. Still, it could happen. If it does, I suggest giving season three a more solid finale, or shooting an alternate last act or something.

Hurm, this kinda sounds way more negative than it should, because I love Reaper.



~ by Jerk on May 28, 2009.

One Response to “Reaper's (Probable) Ending”

  1. Like you, I really enjoyed the final episode. The whole angel thing did throw me for a loop, but I guess it’s good to know that Sam has someone on his side when it comes to the devil. I loved Sock, as always, and Andi’s drunkenness. I fear the show is really and truly gone but if it did have to go it went out on a high note.

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