Jerk’s Fav Finales of the Year

Now that it’s June, I figured I’d kick off the summer by taking a look back at some of the great finales we had this past season. This was probably one of my favourite years for finales, as there were some really amazing ones that I eventually wrangled down to a top five. This list only had two rules: a) that I was going on the strength of the finale, not the season as a whole, and b) that BSG be disqualified due to it already being my favourite finale ever.

finale 055.) Party Down is a surprising entry on the list. There’s a certain OMGWTFBBQ that I expect from a really good finale, and comedies just don’t usually pull this off nearly as well as dramas do. Yet PD left several characters in limbo with regards to their future on the show, a relationship up in the air, and the introduction of a possible new love interest. A great way to cap off the awesomeness that was the first season of one of my favourite shows.

finale 044.) Dollhouse was slow to start, yes (admitting that isn’t equivalent to agreeing that it was a bad thing though!) but by the halfway mark it was firing on all cylinders, hitting the right ratio of witty Whedon-y dialogue to more serious tone. If there’s one thing I’d have changed, it would be to have Alpha a bit more of a running thread through the season, but the awesomeness of Alan Tudyk more than makes up for it. I really hope to see him back again next season. Throw in the revelations about Doctor Fred and the changing status of Ballard, and you’ve got a damn good finale.

finale 033.) 24 was solid all season long (I may have mentioned that at some point), and that holds true for the finale. It was a bit of a departure for the show, without much action (well, relatively, it is still 24, but no cutting off Chase’s hand or kidnapping the President), instead focusing on the drama and the characters. It was really cool to see Jack evolving over the course of this season. Renee’s final moment in Day 7 was great too, I really like that we didn’t see what she did to Alan Wilson. But I think the standout performance of the ep belongs to Carlos Bernard, Tony was so awesome.

finale 022.) Supernatural had to make this list somewhere, the show has yet to have a season finale that didn’t amaze me. To finally learn Azazel’s complete plan and then see it successfully carried out? To find out that Heaven is on Lucifer’s side because they’re willing to bet they can win in the end? Finally getting to see New Ruby thtabbed to death as the boys kiss and make up? It was a perfect ending to a damn good yet kinda weird season. Oh yeah, and there was that whole apocalypse thing.

finale 011.) Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is the winner! This is a little bittersweet considering it wasn’t renewed, but the final six minutes of this episode took the series in such a fresh new direction. Sarah and John being separated, non-dead Derek and Kyle, human Cameron, and oh yeah the fact that nobody in the Skynet-y future knew who John Connor was anymore. For that little period between the end of BSG and it’s own cancellation, SCC was the best sci-fi on TV.

As I said at the start, this was a damn good year for season finales. Some honorable mentions: Smallville had I’d say it’s best finale ever, The Office brought back and focused on everything I love about it, Reaper pulled some crazy SPNness, and Leverage was just as awesome as the rest of the season.



~ by Jerk on June 2, 2009.

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