The Supernatural Future Gamble

I predict unicorns and beavers with strange healing powers. No, not really. What I’m clearly here to talk about is where we see Supernatural heading. I’m not talking in a plot sense. I thing they left us off on a pretty solid course for the 5th Season of Supernatural. The question is, what about after that?

My second attempt at this post today. I am not pleased WordPress. You hear me?

At the recent Supernatural fan convention Jared and Jensen admitted that they are both on six year contracts. They also said that they would be willing to stick around for said sixth year. This has been a flip flop statement on their parts. They’ve said yes, they’ve said hell no, but what it really comes down to is the boys don’t really have any say in the matter and considering how Sam’s bitchface is written into almost every episode, I don’t think their discontent will have much effect on the show at large.

The real problem here is Mr Eric Kripke. Kripke is slated for one more season and has solidly put his foot down at stopping there. I admire this about him. I really do but the show could and would go on without him.

At first this really bothered me. The idea of a Kripke-less Supernatural was not a world I wanted to be a part of but as we’ve seen with Smallville, sometimes the departure of the creators isn’t always the worst thing. Granted Al and Miles were on a long downward slide while Eric keeps climbing higher and higher.

I was hell bent against a 6th season until I ran across a recent BuddyTV article. Don’t click.  I’ll tell you what it said.  The article reminded me of one of my favorite finds from the hands of Kripke.  No, not Sam and Dean.  I do love them but the one and only Sera Gamble.  They brought up the possiblity of someone like writer/producer Gamble comming up in the ranks and taking charge.  I like this idea.  I mean.. if I have to have a SPN without Kripke, this is how I’d like it to be.

I believe Sera has what it takes.  I love her episodes and I think she knows the boys as well as anyone.  I believe she’d be true to the world that they have created and worked so hard for.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.



~ by doublebitch on June 2, 2009.

6 Responses to “The Supernatural Future Gamble”

  1. Where is the show heading in a non-plot sense after it’s ended? This was one of the posts you had for today?

    …you didn’t catch up on your sleep after Saturday night, did you?

  2. UH! There was a whole post here but it deleted itselfff ass

  3. I still wouldn’t want it without Kripke, though I do feel that Sera and Ben Edlund have made their shows just as important a part of the overall SPN feel as Kripke. My main reasoning is Kripke has a plan. If we got a sixth season, we’d have a five-year plan, plus one extra one tacked on the end.

  4. I’m glad you got it fixed.

    And I absolutely agree. The thought of Kripke-less Supernatural makes me sick unless it’s Sera Gamble who takes over. With my rewatch marathon while back, I did some research and I was impressed with what I learnt. I was shocked only because I don’t normally pay attention to these details like I should and probably will learn to do. Hopefully.

  5. Hmm I was not aware that the boys had another year on their contract. I think it could work without Kripke as long as someone competent took over. I wouldn’t want the feel and dynamic of the show to change. But I would never cry over getting more of Jensen.

  6. See that’s the key right there. I don’t WANT there to be another season, but if the powers that be say it shall be then we’re stuck with another year of Jensen. I’m not going to say no to that. I think, despite it not being a prime idea that it could be okay. It could even be pretty good.

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