CoCo Christopher’s New Show

conan runningSo we’re two eps into Conan’s run as the Tonight Show host. Is he better than Leno? Well yeah, I mean Leno wasn’t ever really funny while Conan is hilarious (I’d say the best of the late night hosts, though Craig Ferguson is great too). What I’ve really been waiting three months to find out is if New Conan is as good as Old Conan.

I’ve been a big Conan fan since late public school (so let’s say around 1996-ish), so I grew up with the Robot on the Toilet, the Masturbating Bear, Wrist Hulk, the Walker Lever, staring contests with Andy, and UCB stopping by to demonstrate how colourblind people can’t tell the difference between apples and pig anuses. I loved the Max Weinberg 7 and Joel Godard.

So how’s Conan’s Tonight Show match up with Late Night? Well Joel’s not the announcer anymore, but in his place we’ve got Andy back, so I’d say that’s an even trade. Max and the band are still there, though they’ve been renamed to the Tonight Show Band which is probably for some sort of traditional reason because it’s not nearly as cool sounding as the Max Weinberg 7. The set is much bigger and really nice looking (far better than any of Leno’s sets too), though it is a little strange seeing the band and the desk on the opposite sides from what I’m used to. So far so good.

conan walkingThe sketches so far have involved Conan doing things, which was a standard of Late Night but I’m still hoping we’ll get to see some lame costumes and characters like he used to have. The fact that they hit Tom Hanks with a giant foam meteor makes me pretty sure we’ll see some eventually. There’s only one area in which New Conan doesn’t match Old Conan, and that’s the setting. I’m pretty biased in this matter though, because NYC is hands down my favourite place on the planet, and as such I can’t see LA being comparable.

So, my final verdict on CoCo’s new show: it’s no bigger of a change from Late Night to Tonight than when Andy left, other than the lame LA ness of it. It’s the same Conan an hour earlier.



~ by Jerk on June 3, 2009.

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