How Heroes Will End – by DoubleBitch

To go with our fancy new header I thought I’d just go ahead and spoil Heroes for you. No, not really. But maybe. But probably not. I had a vision of how Heroes would end, be it this season or next or a few more from now and I’d like to share it with all of you.

heroes3-angelaSo everything’s going to hell in a hand basket. A major American city is about to blow up, Claire’s having a bad hair day. HRG has gone bad.. or is he good.. or is he bad again? who knows. Sylar has everyone cornered in a room and he’s hell bent on not letting anyone go this time. Peter’s hair has grown so long he can no longer see. Parkman has fathered a couple dozen kids but cant seem to remember any of their mother’s names. The music swells! and just when you think all is doomed, Angela Petrelli wakes up in her house, in bed beside her husband. A young Nathan and Peter run into the room and jump onto their bed.


– a dream that will still come to pass


Yeah. I thought it was awesome. At least caps worthy. There are a lot of factors that make this a plausible ending. One, it’s terrible but kinda awesome – mostly cause I thought of it. Two it allows them to be as flexible as they like with however much time they have. Three it’s kinda a mind fuck that will infuriate their already encourageble fans.

So what do you think?  am I off my rocker? would this be the worst possible thing Heroes could do?  Where do you see it going? And lastly, do you think they’ll actually come up with something better?

let me know


~ by doublebitch on June 4, 2009.

7 Responses to “How Heroes Will End – by DoubleBitch”

  1. I don’t think it’s really good or bad, and the show is obviously being made up as they go, so I doubt whatever ending we get will be better.


  3. HA! Sounds like my Lost theory for this last year being them gallavanting around LA without knowing one another. I don’t think I could be on board with this unless we saw a young and evilly grinning Sylar somewhere, maybe a playmate of the Petrelli kids.

  4. You forgot one key character. Where is little Noah? Claire’s and Sylar’s love child. Is he in the room with daddy threatening people or is he being threatened? And more importantly, is he having a bad hair day too?

    It was a dream, ending has been done so many times now that it wouldn’t surprise me one bit to see it utilised, poorly, in Heroes series finale.

  5. poorly probably but they did set it up with the perfect character. I mean, giving her the last laugh -or gasp- could be the perfect thing to center her in the middle of the show forever.

    oh little Noah married Daniella and they still live in Mohinder’s apartment with the turtle. And it’s still painted that funky green and brown wash.

  6. There have been some really good responses to this over on the IMDB boards and I’d like to share the one that blew my mind.

    By user submit_thingy_here (Wed Jun 10 2009)

    “I’d like to see some epilogue in the far future (like the FAR future) of Claire at a graveyard of all of the Petrelli and Bennett family and then Sylar shows up behind her, saying something smart like he always does lol.

    When she turns around, she’s shocked to find that Sylar is old and looks on the verge of death.

    He then explains that during a battle with an unnamed hero, he had removed all of Sylar’s abilities. He finally contemplates that immortality has robbed him of all of his desires and that he’s actually ‘bored’.

    He says some terrific speech that makes you feel pity for him. He says that when he met his father, he was disgusted at the fact that he was old and weak but now he has the same fate.

    He falls to the floor gasping for breath and Claire watches over.

    The usual monologue at the end of the episode begins but each bit is narrated by each of the actors while showing flashbacks from the show. Mohinder narrates the last part with some cheesy: “His quest, this need to solve life’s mysteries . . . is over”

    Sylar stares up at the sky and the camera pans to show him staring up at an eclipse.

    Fin XD”

  7. Honestly, I think the show should end with the good guys versus whatever is going to make the world blow up this time, and they fail and the world actually blows up.

    Final words in the series would be

    PETER: Oh shi–

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