Summer Viewing: Eastbound & Down

eastbound teachingThe first stage of my summer viewing is complete, as I watched the sixth and final episode of Eastbound & Down season one tonight. I kinda really love this show, though I have a feeling I’m going to fail at describing it here, EB&D is… a very crude brand of depressing comedy, dark not black. I know that doesn’t sound like a concept that would work, but it really does.

The show stars Danny McBride as a douchey, washed-up Major League pitcher who ends up becoming a gym teacher at his old high school. Which, again doesn’t really sound all that great when you write it down, which is why I wasn’t initially interested in the show. It was James Gunn (who’s sense of humour I’m quite fond of) mentioning on Twitter that it was one of his favourite new shows that made me look closer at the show. Specifically, at the cast and crew details for the show on IMDB. This is when I found out that Will Ferrell and Adam McKay (writer/director of Anchorman and Step Brothers) were both producers on the show, and that David Gordon Green (awesome director, best known for Pineapple Express) had directed half the episodes. Now I was intrigued enough to check the show out.

eastbound stareEven after I’d started watching the show, I wasn’t completely sold on it. But it’s just six 25-30 minute episodes, so I figured I’d put it on hold and go back to Alias until I was feeling like watching more. It wasn’t until the fourth episode that the series really clicked for me, that I got where the show and the characters were coming from and started really enjoying the series. EB&D isn’t going for real laugh-out-loud comedy (for that, dude Party Down), and definitely don’t think it’s a show that everyone would like. I really wish I could describe the show better. Fucked-upedly serene in its horribleness? Comedic tragedy? Whatever it is, I quite enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to the second season.



~ by Jerk on June 6, 2009.

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