JDB’s Actor BINGO: Introduction

I had this idea.  An idea so great it woke me from my sleep at 6 am.  No lie.  It’s exactly what JDB needed, a summer activity. Without further adieu I present to you, JDB’s Actor Bingo.  Here’s how you play:

Just like a normal bingo card you have 24 boxes and a free.  In each box you choose a TV show.  Any TV show, ever.  This is all about how clever you are and how well you know your TV.  Okay and maybe a little bit is up to chance.

After we have our cards and post them here (more on that later) each day one TV actor or actress will be chosen at random.  If the actor has been in any of your shows you check it off.  If the actor has been in multiple shows, yep you get to check off as many as you have.  To play fair, a card that wins based on a single actor will be disqualified unless its hella crafty.

You must get a line of some sort: Across, Down, or Diagonal to win.  There will be a prize.  I just don’t know exactly what it’ll be yet.  It’s still early.  Let me wake up first.

Okay so more about the cards!  If you like you can reply with a text based card but I fully encourage you to make use of Google image search and this handy little thing HERE to make a graphic card like so:


I recommend saving the image and uploading it via tinypic and leaving it in our comments (see example below).   Like I said, each day we’ll post an actor at random for you to play and maybe we’ll learn a little something about a few people along the way.  Depending on the response, we’ll start posting actors later in the week.

Tips: Play well known shows with big casts.  Shows like ER and CSI are practically another free space.

Good Luck!



~ by doublebitch on June 9, 2009.

7 Responses to “JDB’s Actor BINGO: Introduction”

  1. testing that the image will show up here

  2. I just lost my list when I had 5 shows left to write, so I’ll list it, when I get time and ambition I’ll make another mosaic:
    Line 1:
    Ali G
    That 70’s Show

    Line 2:
    The Sopranos
    Battlestar Galactica
    Malcolm In The Middle

    Line 3:
    Star Trek (original)
    Law and Order (original)
    Full House

    Line 4:
    King of Queens
    Two and A Half Men
    Freaks And Geeks

    Line 5:
    Saved By The Bell
    The Office
    Married With Children
    The Cosby Show
    Boston Legal

    Graphic card Here

  3. http://pics.livejournal.com/havenward/pic/000r6r4t/s640x480

  4. Shaboosh! Behold my mighty Bingo™ Card +1!

  5. I guess sticking these here is easier than waiting to see them on MSN, so Megan and Will! Here are your cards.


    I tried to put on shows that you each like, so Will you’re so not gonna win.

  6. Hope I’m not too late … here’s my card!


  7. Dougie! I love it.

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